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Bollywood Style Sarees

Beautiful Peach Organza Silk E…

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
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Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Sarees

Exclusive Chiono Silk Sequence…

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Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Buy Wedding Sarees Online at Libaas Queen

An Indian bridal trousseau is incomplete without gorgeous Sarees. The nine yards of sheer elegance are a must-have in every bridal wardrobe. A true epitome of femininity and grace, the traditional wedding sarees are recently making a comeback in the Indian wedding scene.

The gorgeous embroideries, coupled with their versatility and a huge variety are making the traditional wedding Sarees the most preferred garment in the big fat Indian wedding. Designed in beautiful brocades, sequins and beautiful thread works to alluring prints and heavy sari work, the sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of wedding sarees.

Modern Indian brides are all about being experimental. These days, Indian brides are making a switch to gorgeous wedding Sarees, ditching the traditional lehenga and the Shararas. Given the freedom to drape the way you want, Indian wedding sarees are the first preference of an Indian bride when it comes to curating a gorgeous bridal trousseau. The vibrant hues, from reds and oranges to the pastel shades of mauve and pink, each every shade has built its own space in the Indian wedding Sarees.

Going down the line, these alluring sarees are available in different fabrics which offers a wide spectrum of choices to the Brides. From the traditional Banarasi and the pure silks to the contemporary chiffons and Georgettes, the Indian wedding Sarees are purely magic. They alone have the power to make the bride stand out in a room full of people.

The Rising Demand And Trend For Wedding Sarees In India

Indian weddings and traditional wedding sarees go hand in hand. The alluring nine yards of pure elegance have marked their special presence in Indian weddings. Bridal sarees are gaining momentum these days and are more in demand than before. The pure essence and charm of a beautiful wedding saree, designed carefully to exude grace and elegance make the Indian wedding sarees the most loved attire for modern Indian brides.

Perfect for carrying around, Indian wedding sarees are becoming exceedingly popular in the Indian wedding scenario. From the traditional Banarasi to the modern nets and velvets, Indian designers are transforming the age-old trend. In terms of colours and shades too, Indian wedding sarees have been experiencing a huge shift in preferences.

Gone are the days when bridal attire only translated to a Red Banarasi Saree with heavy sequins and ravishing embroideries. The modern Indian brides are now ditching the age-old red sarees and are gravitating more towards the pastel shades such as baby pinks, muted yellows and mesmerizing mauves, etc. With the new trend in nude makeup looks, Indian brides are opting for muted tones and nude shades to match their makeup.

No wonder modern Indian brides are embracing this age-old craftsmanship and are taking Indian wedding sarees to a whole new level. Needless to say, Indian wedding Sarees are now gaining a space in the global fashion industry as well. Famous designers can be seen showcasing these beautiful works of art in global fashion platforms in recent times, with famous models draping these beautiful works of art around their bodies for a more elegant and ethereal look.

Our Range Of Wedding Sarees

We at Libaas Queen take the pride in bringing a wide spectrum of Indian wedding sarees to our valuable clients in the Indian market. Our wide range of wedding sarees has a wide variety of options to choose from. From gorgeous silks to beautiful Baluchuari to modern Chanderis and soft cotton, we have it all sorted for your D-day! Worrying about the colour options? Worry no more as we have got your back! From ravishing reds to beautiful blues and bright yellows to pastel pinks and gorgeous greens, the options are endless. You name it and we have it!

Golden Wedding Saree

Gold is the most royal colour that you can ever get. It is a classic example of what you should wear for the wedding ceremony because no one will be able to turn their eyes away from you. Pair it up with the brightest accessories on your arms and forehead to glorify your look with the bright golden wedding saree. Still in doubt? Drape our golden wedding saree around you and no one will be able to match your shine!

Red Wedding Saree

It is quite true that red is the colour of the Indian bride. You can be quite sure that you are going to look gorgeous in the red hue when you are trying your hand at various colours. You will be able to pair the red saree with golden or diamond jewellery which will make you the statement bride this wedding season.

Pink Wedding Saree

Are you the blushing bride? Do you have a spark of blush-based rouge on your cheek as the makeup for your wedding day? Well, then the pink wedding saree is the best option for you. Make sure that you are pairing it with super silver stilettos and a shiny pouch for your mirror. Your makeup will not go amiss when you have the pink saree wrapped around you artistically.

Green Wedding Saree

Green is the colour of a new beginning. As spring brings new hope with bright flowers and small leaves which are bright green in their hue, you can think of draping one around you on your wedding day. When you pair up a green wedding saree with a dash of golden jewellery, you will be the eyepiece of the entire room. Want to look irresistible? Try your hand with a green wedding saree now!

Wedding Saree With Combination Colour

Are you someone who has an artsy side to your personality? Do you like to go with a bohemian look to match your personality? Is it the earth’s colours that steal your glance from something even shiner? Well then, wedding sarees which are made with multiple colour combinations can be your perfect partner. With different colours for each segment of the saree, it will look like you are carrying around the essence of the most beautiful grassland!

Panetar Wedding Saree

Panetar Wedding sarees are the original designs of Gujarat. If you are tired of your local sarees and drapes, you can get any of these for an extra twist. These come with their own cultural hits that will brighten up your entire dressing ensemble. Fuse these with denim to get a better look!

Kanjivaram Wedding Saree

Indian silks are known all over the world for their softness and beauty. These sarees are known by all because of their rich royalty. Silks have definitely made their name in this respect. Want to get married in all richness and royalty? Try to get a bright Kanjeevaram wedding saree and add contrast designer jewellery. You can easily be the brightest person in the room with this attire!

Banarasi Wedding Sarees

Whether it is the wedding season or the party season, Banarasi Sarees can be wrapped around in numerous ways to keep your fashion sense on top. Are you bored with the way in which you usually wrap your saree? Wear your silk with ripped jeans and a custom blouse. Add a little belt at your waist. Remember us when they tell us how incredible you look at your wedding event with this ensemble!

Paithani Wedding Saree

Originating from Maharashtra, Paithani wedding sarees have their own bright hues and shades which make them eligible for party wear. You can wear any of these for your wedding and they will brighten up your entire outlook. Dazzle your look with a pair of stilettos. Paithani Wedding Sarees are made from the richest mulberry silks.

Gharchola Wedding Saree

Combining the patterns of Rajasthani and Gujarati cultures, Gharchola wedding sarees are indeed one of the richest sarees you can find. This is a cotton saree which has a silk-like look. The fabric is rich and it can be worn at any party or your wedding party for a fabulous appearance.

Contemporary Wedding Saree

When you are planning to go a bit more stylish on your wedding day, you can choose to wear a contemporary wedding saree. These will go great with designer jewellery that is relatively modern in its outlook. You can either wear flats or wedge heels with these contemporary wedding sarees as your look will be greatly complemented by this ensemble. Planning to gothic? Wear a contemporary wedding saree with a contrasting outlook.

Net Wedding Saree

Net Sarees will always remain in fashion because of their timeless and classic outlook. Classic net wedding sarees can be paired with ballerina shoes and pencil heels alike to ensure that your look is perfect. Some of these will have a zari border which will add that extra spice that your saree needs. What else? Get your look perfect with shiny and sparkly earrings!

Designer Wedding Saree

When you are tired of the common designs and regular nine yards, you can choose the designer wedding sarees. These will be made solely for your personal styles and you can ditch your regular sarees for these with ease! Get these gorgeous sarees and pair them up with statement jewellery to show who is the real queen at the party.

Mysore Wedding Saree

Mysore wedding sarees which are made from the intricate stitching of silk threads are always the luxury goods of any wedding. These saree pieces can be complemented with any kind of jewellery as they will always shine as the star. You can also think of getting some of the best designer shoes to go with your Mysore silk and easily, you shall become the diva of your wedding party!

Wedding Sarees Available For All Ladies

Keeping in mind the diverse culture of India, we at Libaas Queen have brought to you a wide variety of wedding Sarees to choose from. From regal Banarasis for the beautiful Bengali brides to the timelessly classic Paithani for our elegant Maharashtrian brides to pure Kanchipuram and Kanjivarams for the beautiful South Indian brides, we at Libaas Queen have you all sorted. Furthermore, we also have a beautiful collection of Bandhani for our Rajasthani would-be brides. Additionally, we also have an all-exclusive collection of designer bridal Sarees to make your special day even more special.

These beautiful Sarees are available in a wide spectrum of colours and designs and details. From the graceful thread works and zari details to the beautiful florals and applique work, Libaas Queen has it all. Furthermore, modern digital prints and brocades are also available for you to choose from wide different options. Bollywood divas, we have an exclusive collection of designer Sarees for you to choose from.

How To Choose A Wedding Saree For Your Wedding?

One of the most common clothing items worn by women in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan for millennia has been the saree. A beautiful strip of unstitched cloth approx. 4 to 9 meters long can be wrapped over the body in various ways. Petticoats are typically worn with sarees to support them. Saree does not fall down with the help of a petticoat. Finally, this beautiful piece of cloth is draped over the shoulder and secured with a blouse pin.

Sarees are typically recognised by several names depending on where they reside. The stitching options for blouses include backless, low neck, sleeveless, and other styles. Saree fashions are also evolving with the passage of time. To form the best possible appearance at your wedding, you must purchase the appropriate fabric and design. To help you choose a saree for your wedding event that will flatter your body type and make you appear stunning, we are sharing some advice with you below.

Pear-Shaped Body: You have a pear-shaped form if your lower body is heavier than your upper body. Think about wearing sarees made of lightweight, breathable materials like chiffon and georgette. Your bottom and upper parts will be better balanced as a result. For a wedding ceremony, drape your georgette or chiffon saree in the seedha pallu style.

Apple-Shaped Body: People with apple-shaped bodies are fortunate to have voluminous curves. Silk cloth is your best buddy if you fit this description. Sarees with intricate needlework, striking designs, and contrasting blouses can add glamour to your overall bridal appearance.

Petite Figure: When picking sarees for your wedding functions, women with slim figures and small heights should exercise extreme caution. To make oneself appear larger and taller, try wearing a saree made of heavy silk, cotton, or net. Avoid at all costs using materials with thick borders and huge printing.

Tall and Slim Body: Consider yourself fortunate if you are tall and thin. Your body type allows you to wear practically any kind of saree with ease. Anything will look nice on you, from cotton and silk to Tussar, chiffon, and georgette. Your initial priority should be to use strong, heavy borders and prints.

Hourglass Figure: Your appearance might be greatly improved with a simple yet elaborately stitched saree. To highlight your curvy form, go for sarees made of crepe, chiffon, georgette, and net. To highlight your curves, wear it with a well-fitting blouse that ends just below the bust.

No woman can go wrong wearing a saree to an Indian wedding; even better, it should be well-chosen. The only challenge is choosing the appropriate one for your body type.

For wedding events, choosing the right sarees is important, but so is knowing how to wear them.

  • Make sure to put on your heels before you drape the saree if you intend to wear them with it. Your saree will remain in place during the event thanks to this.
  • Make your pleats precisely and tuck them in.
  • For heavier sarees, choose simpler blouses, and vice versa.
  • Regardless of the fabric you select, accessorize your saree with the appropriate jewellery, clutches, and shoes to improve your overall appearance. This is one element that has the power to make or destroy your complete appearance.

Buy Wedding Sarees From Libaas Queen

We at Libaas Queen take pride in bringing a wide range of wedding Sarees to our valuable customers at a very reasonable price. These beautiful works of art from our rural artisans are just perfect to transform you into a beautiful Diva for your big day.

Indian wedding Sarees are the true epitome of creativity and craftsmanship. From gorgeous Banarasis to the alluring Kanjivarams to the modern nets and Georgettes, the options are endless! The sky is the limit when it comes to designs and detailings in Indian wedding sarees. From beautiful sequins to heavy stone and thread embroideries, to relatively simple floral prints and contemporary patterns, Indian wedding sarees can never fall short of creativity.

If are also looking to amp up your look on your special day, get your hands on these beautiful bridal sarees at a very pocket-friendly price. Head over to our website today and choose from different options. Look like a Diva on your big day with us at Libaas Queen.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up before your favourites go out of stock.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Wedding Sarees?

The Market is flooded today with different online and offline stores to buy beautiful wedding Sarees. But, not everything you see here is going to benefit you. While the majority of them are in this industry only to make more money through deceptive marketing, others are all about selling low-quality products. Why should you choose Libaas Queen to buy your wedding Sarees?

We Offer Easy Online Shopping

In the digital world where everything is just one click away, why would you want to waste your precious time hopping from one offline store to another in search of your favourite wedding outfit? We at Libaas Queen provide easy online shopping to all our customers. Head over to our website today and shop your hearts out from our exclusive wedding Sarees collection at no extra cost of transportation! Well, what more do you want?

Affordable Prices

Who does like the sky-high prices of wedding wear Sarees? Keeping in mind the high prices of Indian wedding sarees, we at Libaas Queen have brought to you premium quality Indian wedding sarees at a very affordable rate for all our valuable customers. Now you can wear your favourite saree without burning a hole in your pocket.

Free Shipping And Delivery All Over India

Shopping with Libaas Queen has been made all the easier. We at Libaas Queen provide free shipping and delivery all over India. Now you do not need to spend any extra amount of money while shopping from us.

COD Available

Libaas Queen offers COD to all our customers all over India. Apart from the option of online payment, you can now choose the cash-on-delivery option for all your ordered products!

Express Shipping

Want express shipping on your ordered products? We at Libaas Queen provide express shipping pan India to make your products reach you faster! If you want delivery of your products within a few hours of order, our express shipping policy will help you.

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Libaas Queen has been in this industry for years. Our years of knowledge and expertise in this venture have helped us to earn your valuable trust. We have established ourselves as the most preferred shopping site for shopping Indian wedding Sarees. We assure you we will never let you down! Your wish is our command!

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