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Alluring Green Georgette Silk …

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Amazing White Pure Georgette E…

Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Aromatic Georgette Embroidery …

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Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Awesome Green Pure Georgette F…

Original price was: ₹5,625.Current price is: ₹2,250.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Awesome Heavy Pure Georgette E…

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Awesome Pure Georgette Embroid…

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Party Wear Salwar Suits

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Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Beautiful Baby Pink Pure Georg…

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Beautiful Cream Butterfly Mono…

Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.
Original price was: ₹4,987.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Party Wear Salwar Suits

Beautiful Peach Pink Georgette…

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Party Wear Salwar Suits

Beautiful Pink Pure Georgette …

Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Beautiful Pista Georgette Silk…

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suits

Beautiful Pista Green Georgett…

Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.

Buy Wedding Wear Salwar Suits Online at Libaas Queen

Everyone loves salwar suits because they have so many different designs and can easily spice up any look. A salwar suit is recognised for its detailed and decorated designs. Getting a wedding wear salwar suit can be a tough job if you are not clear about the exact styles! Any wedding party-wear salwar suit must have a great sense of fashion which will carry forward your entire persona. We, at Libaas Queen, believe that every woman has great beauty to offer but with the right kind of clothes! At Libaas Queen, we provide our customers with an exquisite range of salwar suits. Our wedding salwar suit is a statement of true beauty and glamour. Purchasing wedding-wear salwar suits online has become so much easier, all thanks to Libaas Queen.

When it comes to the vast range of salwar suits offered by Libaas Queen, one of our most exquisite collections is the wedding wear salwar suits. The wedding wear salwar suits price offered by Libaas Queen is affordable, feasible and suitable for all budgets. At Libaas Queen, we understand the sheer magnificence and leverage of ethnic wear, especially salwar suits. Libaas Queen is the best place to buy salwar suits online, especially if you want to respect your cultural heritage while remaining up-to-date with fashion trends.

At Libaas Queen, we place the utmost emphasis and value on producing high-quality products, making customers satisfied, and putting on a spectacular show with our ethnic clothing. Libaas Queen is your go-to online retailer for wedding salwar suits of all kinds, especially wedding-wear salwar suits.

Wedding-Wear Salwar Suits Online

Getting something online is always daunting! What if it doesn’t fit you? What might happen if you are not comfortable with the fabric? We are finally here with the best possible option from Libaas Queen. Whether you are going for a wedding wear a salwar suit or designer salwar suits for a wedding party, we will always be here with the best possible option for you!

Our Wedding-Wear Salwar Suits Collection

Libaas Queen works to popularise salwar suits by gathering and selecting the top ethnic colours, designs and patterns. The variety of wedding-wear salwar suits we deal in is so diverse that you’d be shocked to learn about it. While perusing our collection of wedding-wear salwar suits, you’ll notice the heritage and luxury that our brand wants to portray.

Our wedding-wear salwar suit range is one of the most unique that you’d ever find online. We provide the best and most beautiful wedding-wear salwar suits for every occasion and fashion need. Following is our range of wedding-wear Indian salwar suits:

Designer Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

When you are no longer interested in the regular salwar suits and sarees which are often worn for weddings, what can you do to change your taste? Well, the designer wedding wear salwar suits are here to resolve your fashion dilemma. These suits are extremely fashionable and they can be styled with various accessories in order to make them look even better. Rather than worrying about your dress, think of the best jewellery pieces that you can wear with these designer wedding salwar suits!

Velvet Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Your regular wedding wear will have nothing on the velvet salwar suits which are designed specially to meet the needs of the Fashionistas during this wedding season. The material of this wedding wear is very rich and the velvet texture can be one of the best ways to induce royalties in your dressing style. Still, waiting? Time to get a velvet wedding wear salwar suit in your collection right now!

Neck Work Bridal Salwar Suit

What defines a salwar suit as being better than the others? The neck work on a bridal suit will always be a better choice to go for rather than an entire embroidered work on the saree. The neck work bridal salwar suit is a great option to wear to this wedding party! These salwar suits are breaths of fresh air in any wedding ceremony because they are not binding to the traditional styles and yet, they have not deviated to the modern side as well.

Anarkali Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Why do Indian women prefer to wear the Anarkali wedding salwar suit? Is it simply because these salwar suits are very gorgeous and they are available in various colour options? No! The Anarkali salwar suit can also help to accentuate the curves of your figure and make sure that the fabric is tucked in the right places to show your beauty! These are often preferred by the brides because they allow free movement.

Slit Cut Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Salwar suits are often considered to be a bit different in their traditional approach in comparison to the saree. The slit-cut wedding wear salwar suits are preferred by the bridesmaids because they are extremely gorgeous but they do not restrict movement in any manner. There are so many types in terms of colours and fabrics in the slit-cut wedding salwar suit that the bridesmaids don’t have to think twice before they are choosing one!

Churidar Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Getting a churidar wedding salwar suit is no longer tough. You can imagine yourself in that churidar suit and know that no one will beat your look of beauty and elegance. You can pair these with wedge heels and also ensure that your entire figure is held with poise. You can also ask your seamstress to keep an eye on the curves and fabric folds to ensure that your figure is shown in the right light when you are wearing the churidar wedding salwar suit.

Sharara Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Keeping a sharara wedding salwar suit is a great idea to make sure that you are flustered on the big day. Even if you are not wearing this for the main ceremony, the sharara suits are so glamorous that the bride can choose to wear this at any time of the day! This can be preferred by the other family members as well because not only are these wedding suits elegant but also emanate a strong elegance which cannot be found in any other dress.

Jacket Style Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

The jacket style wedding wear salwar suit has started to receive recent popularity because of the efficiency that they offer. The jacket-style wedding salwar suits are not something that the bride would wear but her best friend can definitely choose! It is one of the best designs which can be adopted and the extent of flair which is provided to the outfit is unimaginable!

Punjabi Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

The Punjabi wedding salwar suits are indeed the lifeblood of any party. These salwar suits are available in different types of colours and fabrics which gives you an immense range to choose from. The Punjabi wedding salwar suits are perfect because they allow free movement for the bride and the bride’s maid. The dupatta can be styled in different manners as well to ensure that you are looking drop-dead gorgeous!

Printed Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

If you are planning to go for designs which are a bit muted but speaks about the depth of your personality, the printed wedding salwar suits can be considered without a hitch. You will have numerous prints to choose from and there is no way in which you will be disappointed. The printed wedding wear salwar suit is indeed a great way to show your fashion sense at any party!

Heavy Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Heavy wedding wear is coming into the market in recent times because of the aesthetic appeal they have for weddings. These Heavy wedding wear salwar suits are lined with numerous bright threads and the fabric itself is quite heavy and luxurious. Choosing to have this in your wallet shows your perfect dressing style and you will never be at a loss for having a dress to wear at a wedding.

Red and Gold Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Red and gold, both are the colours of a wedding. You cannot hope to have a wedding party with at least someone not wearing red and with a hint of gold or even, gold jewellery! These two colours are made for wedding parties and when you have the red and gold wedding salwar suit, you will have nothing to worry about! Choose any of the outfits that combine these two hues and become the princess of the party in no time!

Green Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

According to an age-old custom in Islam, green depicts the colour of freshness and youth. Whatever might be the religion, wearing a green wedding salwar suit at a wedding will never go out of fashion. Choose something which is made from rich fabric! You will never regret this chance to be the belle of the ball!

Pastel Colour Wedding Wear Salwar Suit

Pastel colours speak of elegance and beauty in their native forms. The pastel colours must be complemented with the nude makeup palette and minimum jewellery. You will look like a show Diva at any wedding with this Pastel colour wedding wear salwar suit. Be prepared because people will ask you the secret of being so elegant and beautiful with muted shades!

Wedding-Wear Salwar Suit Fabrics

Getting a great wedding wear salwar suit will depend on the right fabric as well. Libaas Queen has always been very choosy about the type of fabric they are using for their clothes! We always prefer to use quality products for our clothes to make sure that our customers are comfortable enough. To wear heavy suits, you will need to be comfortable as well. This comfort comes from the fabric pieces! Getting heavy Punjabi wedding suits online is no longer a tough job. Libaas Queen has always been on top with some of the best styles in wedding dresses.

 Wedding-Wear Salwar Suits For Different Occasions are Available

When it comes to the diversity and adaptability of our suits, you’d be amazed to know that they can be worn on almost any occasion. Literally. Libaas Queen pride itself on being the provider of wedding-wear salwar suits that can be worn on any occasion and will surely look as perfect as it was designed to be. You can wear our wedding-wear salwar suits at the below events:

Engagement or ring ceremony

For an engagement ceremony, everyone desires a beautiful, contemporary, and feminine look. You can choose Libaas Queen to meet your needs. You can wear one of our many wedding salwar suit options to any engagement ceremony to look stunning and classic.


Our collection of Wedding salwar suits is quite a top-notch variety. When worn to a wedding, wedding salwar suits are an elegant fabric that can make an eye-catching and amazing fashion choice. The lace wedding suit collection at Libaas Queen is stunningly simple and elegant.


Saying goodbye to people you may take time to see again directly translates to making the best, last impression. With Libaas Queen’s wedding salwar suits, you can blow everyone’s mind with an attractive and smart design. It’s eye-catching and glamorous, perfect for the remarkable occasion.

Party wear

A variety of wedding salwar suits are available from Libaas Queen. Want to look stylish and modern in ethnic clothing for a party? When you wear one of our stunning, dashing lace salwar suits, everyone will turn to look at you. Our wedding salwar suits for parties are the most suitable pick for any event or any occasion.

Festive wear

The festive season is just around the corner. To say that, last-minute shopping is very stressful. Therefore, Libaas Queen is your trustworthy online companion for all your wedding salwar suit needs. Our wedding salwar suits will be a beautiful addition to any upcoming festivities.

How To Choose Wedding Wear Salwar Suit For Your Wedding Occasions?

Want to look your best on your wedding day? You must have a salwar suit. A wedding wear salwar suit is the most important part of your outfit and it should be chosen carefully. It’s not just about looking good but also about matching colours so that everyone around you will feel special on such an important day in their life. Here we have given some tips which will help you choose the right colour combination for your wedding occasion:

Wedding Suit For Haldi Ceremony

In the haldi ceremony, you will be asked to wear a red or yellow suit. The red colour of your Haldi event dress is always soothing to your heart, eyes and your overall look. Also, choosing a bright and glamorous yellow colour is highly trending for this occasion as it will create an elegant look for you.

If you want to enhance your style statement with a fashion-forward look then opt for an off-white or light blue coloured wedding salwar suit that matches well with your bridal accessories like earrings, neckpiece etc.

Wedding Suit For Mehndi Ceremony

Nowadays, Mehndi is becoming a very popular tradition among Indian brides. The traditional Mehndi ceremony is celebrated with henna design on the hands of the bride and groom in front of family members, friends and well-wishers. The traditional dress for this occasion, a mehendi suit, is adorned to the bride-to-be. It could be either a beautiful salwar kameez (long skirt with blouse) or a glamorous lehenga choli.

These days, as per the trends, the mehndi wedding salwar suit is chosen. It can be either light or dark in colour depending on your preference. For example, if you want to look elegant then go for an orange-coloured mehndi wedding suit that will complement your complexion perfectly or if you want something more trendy then go for yellow or pink shades instead!

Suit For Sangeet Ceremony

The suit for the sangeet ceremony is a traditional Indian outfit, which includes a formal wedding dress and an outer garment called a salwar. The salwar kameez is one variation on this theme; it has wide slits down its sides but no splits at all in between them (the commonly used term “kurti” means simply “unopened”).

Wedding wear salwar suits are a must-see for any bride. The salwar suit will make you look beautiful at your wedding function and also make sure that you are comfortable in it. The most important thing to remember is that the colour of the wedding salwar suit should go well with your makeup, hairstyle and jewellery.

Suit For Reception Ceremony

The reception wedding salwar suit you choose should be light in weight, comfortable and stylish. It should not be dull as this may make you look awkward during the reception ceremony. To make a wonderful impression for the occasion, choose designer salwar suits or Anarkali clothing. Additionally, a jacket-style or over-layer wedding salwar suit would fit you the best. You can also embrace the look by wearing a jacket that should be long and sleek. It should fit well on your shoulders, chest and waist. The sleeves should not be too tight or loose but just right for you to move around freely.

The colour of your suit should be in contrast to the colour of your salwar. The brighter and more vibrant the glittery suit, the more it attains the spotlight! Don’t go too dark or too light because then it won’t look good with your dress. Moreover, the materials are not constrained. You can choose from flowing, sheer, stiff, and silky fabrics. Along with a perfect suit, you need to match the colour of your wedding reception suit with that of the chosen jewellery.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Wedding-Wear Salwar Suits?

You may ask, why choose Libaas Queen? Well, let us give you some explanations why we are the most dependable, credible and stylish source of ethnic fashion.

Easy Online Shopping

The best and most easy-to-use online shopping approach is provided by Libaas Queen. Our wedding salwar suits are offered by us at fantastic, affordable and stylish.


Looking for a lovely wedding salwar suit at an affordable price? Libaas Queen can be your best bet. In addition, we also offer high-quality fabric for wedding salwar suits in other patterns. This includes the most affordable prices for wedding salwar suits that can be found in different materials like organza, georgette, jamdani, and chanderi silk.

Free Shipping and Delivery

We ensure free delivery across the country of India. In addition to offering free shipping options, we firmly acknowledge offering our shipping services nationwide. All that matters to us is the comfort of the customer.

COD Available

At Libaas Queen online store, the COD option is also available. Libaas Queen is aware of how important it is to give customers the choice of paying when their deliveries arrive. This shows how dependable we are.

Express Shipping

In addition to the free shipping and COD options, we believe in offering Express Shipping to customers who need their clothes urgently. We make sure our customers receive their desired products as fast as possible by reducing the turnaround time for the delivery of items.

We Are Experienced

Libaas Queen has been working tirelessly to make sure that our customers can purchase the best wedding suit salwar that is trending in the market. We have been around long enough to fully comprehend the needs of our devoted customers. Since Libaas Queen opened in 2016, we have been a great resource for all of our customers’ ethnic-wear requirements.

Book Wedding-Wear Salwar Suits From Libaas Queen

When you choose Libaas Queen online store, the experience of buying the best wedding salwar suit becomes a whole lot simpler. The most affordable wedding salwar suits can be purchased from us hassle-free.

If you are willing to be the diva at this party, you can choose to be so with a dress from Libaas Queen. We have a great collection of all kinds of wedding attires and nothing can be better than stepping into our online store and getting your dream dress for this wedding season. So, ready to get your shopping bags ready?

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