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Buy Velvet Lehenga Online at Libaas Queen

A lehenga is a traditional Indian outfit that is worn on special occasions and festivals. It usually consists of a choli and a dupatta, which can be further embellished with embroidery. The lehenga has been around for ages and has evolved into different styles over time. Today, you can find many varieties of lehenga designs available in the market. Some of the beautiful styles include a narrow hemline ending just above your ankle or higher if you prefer; decorative embellishments like appliqued flowers & vines across the entire length of fabric including sleeves/hemline area; stitching around the entire hemline area so no gap between hemline & where the fabric meets floor when wearing heels, and much more.

When it comes to the entire variety of Indian lehengas, one such category of Lehengas that is loved by all is the velvet lehenga. At Libaas Queen, we pride ourselves on being the best online store that offers authentic, reasonable and trendy style statements that celebrate the ethnic traditional values of India. We have the best quality velvet lehengas available for every style need, irrespective of the event or occasion.

Getting a velvet lehenga choli in the present times can be a difficult task because it is not possible to find the best choice in the present market. Velvet lehenga must be chosen from eminent places only and one of them is the Libaas Queen. For every single choice which you wish to take, you can take a different one from Libaas Queen. There is a wide range of designs which are already available and you can be quite sure that you will find your pick here.

At Libaas Queen store, you can purchase velvet lehenga without worrying about all the mess of offline shopping. We offer accessibility and prioritise comfort. So, visit our online store now and book your favourite velvet lehenga now.

The Rising Popularity Of Velvet Lehengas

The velvet lehengas have become an essential item in every womenโ€™s wardrobe. Whether it is a wedding or a festival occasion, a velvet lehenga can never go out of trend. Be it women of different tastes, ages or with different preferences, a velvet lehenga is what that is preferred by all of them. Thus, the demand for these amazing velvet lehengas has raised a bar.

In order to boost your charm at all events, our expert designers carefully curate the best designs of velvet lehengas. With affordable rates, our velvet lehenga will surely let you keep all the eyes at you only. With our pure velvet lehengas, you will exude confidence as well as allure. Libaas Queen is the best store for online shopping if you want to remain updated with trends while staying connected to your traditional roots.

Velvet Lehenga Collection At Libaas Queen

When it comes to the Indian lehengas Libaas Queen deals in, you’d be amazed to see the wide variety we offer. Some of the elegant designs of velvet lehengas we offer range from single-coloured velvet lehengas and multi-colour velvet lehengas to embellished velvet lehengas and velvet lehengas with embroidery.

Our velvet lehenga collection is rich and luxurious. The premium-grade hand-curated selection of velvet lehengas available at Libaas Queen is listed below.

Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Velvet is one of the trendiest and best materials to make you look rich. The overall texture of velvet speaks of the red carpet and most clothes which are made with the velvet fabric are entirely royal in their outlook. The lehenga pieces which are made out of velvet and have embroidered regions on them are considered to be even more beautiful! You can think of wearing the most adorable embroidered velvet lehenga to any party and get the spotlight on you within no time!

Embellished Red Velvet Lehenga

The red velvet lehenga is something which has walked out straight from a fairytale. There is nothing which can be compared with an embellished red velvet lehenga in this party season. Whether it is a bachelorette or any reception, you will be free to wear an embellished red velvet lehenga with style. Get some diamond earrings to pair with this! No one can reach your style here!

Maroon Velvet Lehenga

Maroon is a muted form of red in the fashion world. And yet, it symbolises something rich and luxurious. You can get the maroon lehenga in velvet fabric in order to elevate your look to the highest level of fashion. Try to pair these with high heels of a reddish hue and get some gold jewellery for the rest of the accessories. Even when you are wearing less makeup and carrying fewer accessories, you will be able to rock the stage with this beautiful maroon velvet lehenga!

Floral Velvet Lehenga

Florals are patterns which can be accepted in any form of cloth! The floral velvet lehenga will be one of the designs which are used at most formal parties. They might not have the look of an extreme extravaganza but they will definitely show you as the quiet and smart female in the side of the room. You don’t need to claim the room with the floral velvet lehenga. It will always be yours without any effort!

Turkish Style Velvet Lehenga

Turkish style velvet lehenga is one of the most beautiful patterns which have been marketed till now. It has come into fashion quite recently and the Turkish style has been adopted by India as a contemporary design. You can wear these at any wedding party with a hint of rouge with sharp contours to make your facial features even more prominent. When you are sporting this lehenga, no eyes will be turned away from you this evening!

Motifs Velvet Lehenga

The velvet lehenga pieces which are already becoming famous in recent times are developing a new trend of getting motifs. These motifs are made by folding the velvet pieces into a specific pattern. Even other than this, there are different types of prints which are used as motifs on the velvet lehenga pieces. You can hope to get any of these stylish motifs velvet lehengas to make sure that you are the one wearing the most unique piece in this party season!

Rainbow Velvet Lehenga

Bored with a single colour? It is now time to get a rainbow velvet lehenga piece with a fantastic colour combination. If you are already shopping for one, try to get the lehenga pieces which slightly alter their colours with different light shades. The rainbow velvet lehenga will be the stopper of the evening show with perfect silver or customised jewellery. Are you ready to be the perfect rainbow in this party season?

Mughal Motifs Velvet Lehenga

When it is the question of being completely royal, can anything better than that? The Mughal Motifs velvet lehenga? The Mughals were the ones who were able to introduce an entire style of beauty and romance into Indian history. Their style sense was adapted from the Middle Eastern part of the world. This style is always glamorous and it needs to be paired with high-end and heavy jewellery too!

Heavy Border Velvet Lehenga

When you are considering the velvet lehenga, it is better to get something which has a heavy border. The heavier border regions will be able to induce a sense of layer into the lehenga. Why go for something simple when you can get the best heavy border velvet lehenga at your home? Bothered about accessories? These will go with simple chains and smaller earrings for the best effect!

Solid Velvet Lehenga With Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves and bishop sleeves are the epitomai of beauty in the early 90s. These are now paired with the solid velvet lehenga. The entire texture of the lehenga remains something legendary and you will never miss out on being the queen with this outfit. It will expose very little skin on your body and, you have to make sure that your hairstyle and head dressing is even more gorgeous than any other accessories that you will be carrying!

Velvet Lehenga With Zari Detailing

Zari borders can easily elevate the style of the velvet lehenga even if it is placed in a short fragment. The velvet lehenga with zari detailing is the perfect attire for wedding ceremonies. You can wear any colour, especially solid ones to state your commanding beauty in the party atmosphere. Use strong and bold eye makeup for this velvet lehenga!

Bridal Velvet Lehenga

Bridal velvet lehenga has been the favourite of Indian women for a long time. The way in which the velvet lehenga fits in the women’s body is an absolute phenomenon. If you are planning to look like a diva this wedding season, you can get the bridal velvet lehenga with all flourish and beauty! How can you miss being the prettiest person around with this lehenga piece?

Designer Velvet Lehenga

Designer velvet lehenga pieces are often made with extreme care and beauty! None of the ideas which are depicted on the designer velvet lehenga is random. They are etched with care and it is for sure one of the richest lehenga styles you can get in the market. Your wardrobe for the wedding season will never be complete unless you have a designer velvet lehenga in it!

Swarovski Velvet Lehenga With border

Mixing the traditional textile-making art from Rajasthan and Gujarat will always be a trademark design in the world of Lehenga pieces. The Swarovski velvet lehenga with a border will be a great choice to wear to any party. This will be perfect for birthday parties as well if you want to steal the limelight from everyone and be the ultimate beauty queen in the room!

Velvet Lehenga Choli Online

Whether you are looking for a deep maroon velvet bridal lehenga or getting your choice about a normal velvet lehenga for girls, you can find them at Libaas Queen. These designs are also available on our online platform and you can take your pick the one that suits your needs.

Velvet Bridal Lehenga Designs

To get the right lehenga at the right velvet lehenga price, you will have to find places like Libaas Queen. The velvet designs which are available with us are near perfect and trendy. You can find these within your range on Libaas Queen and will never desire to go to any place else.

Bridal Velvet Lehenga With Velvet Dupatta

Whether you’re looking for a velvet blouse for a lehenga, with or without a velvet dupatta for a lehenga, it will not be a hard task when you are pairing up with a bridal lehenga from Libaas Queen. These designs are quite updated ones and they can be altered into different fashion styles as well. Thus, when you are buying for Libaas Queen, you can be sure that the bridal lehenga that you are purchasing can also be modelled into a different style without a hitch!

Velvet Lehenga Care Tips And Store After A Wedding

Velvet lehengas are beautiful, but theyโ€™re also fragile. They should be stored in a dry place and kept away from any sort of moisture or humidity. If you plan on keeping your velvet lehenga for a long time, keep it in an airtight box that is not too big because the fabric has a lot of give when it comes to storage space. Other things to note while treating and storing your velvet lehenga include:

Keep it in Vacuum: To store your velvet lehenga, use a container with a lid and a plastic bag. If possible, try using an air compressor. You can also use a vacuum pump to produce a vacuum after packing, wrapping, and placing the items in carrier containers with naphthalene balls. Since air encourages the growth of all germs and fungi, removing all air from your skirt or ghagra gown will stop their proliferation.

Store your lehenga after the wedding: Now that you have your gorgeous lehenga, it’s time to get it ready for storage. Ideally, you should store your lehenga in a box with cotton balls or naphthalene balls inside (the latter is better because it won’t damage the fabric).

Use naphthalene balls (optional): Put naphthalene balls at the bottom of your box so that they donโ€™t roll around and ruin your beautiful satin or velvet fabric. It should then be placed inside a plastic bag. These balls are being used to stop the growth of fungus of any kind in the lehenga. These balls also stop the development of unpleasant odours. Sometimes nasty odours may emanate from a lehenga because of humidity or other factors.

Use a box: Make sure you have a box large enough to fit the lehenga and other items. If not, add one that is. Use a lid to keep your lehenga clean while storing it in its box

Do not use hangers: You can use a box, naphthalene balls or a vacuum pump to dry your lehenga. If you want to hang them in the closet after your wedding, then it is better not to use them as they may damage the fabric. Avoid handling your lehenga garment on hangers as this could interfere with the drape and make it appear odd and disorganised. They should be neatly arranged and well packed in the box.

Dry clean: A good way of drying lehengas is by using a dry cleaner who has experience in this area and knows how to treat fabrics properly. They should be able to advise on what kind of treatment would be suitable for your dress after washing.

Other Rules: Make sure they are in the proper conditions, away from intense sunshine and excessive humidity. Carefully position them where your cancan skirt and lehenga can lay nicely. For velvet lehengas, you should store them in a box. The naphthalene balls will help to keep the material from ageing and fading.

After looking at some of the care tips for velvet lehenga, we hope you will be able to store your beautiful velvet lehenga safely so that it lasts for many years to come.

Velvet Lehenga For Different Occasions Available

The velvet lehenga from Libaas Queen is made to be worn at various events and occasions. Following is where you can make wear the amazing velvet lehengas by Libaas Queen.

Engagement or Ring Ceremony

Want a contemporary yet stylish lehenga design for an engagement ceremony? Libaas Queen is a trustworthy online store where you can meet your ethnic fashion needs. You can proudly wear our velvet lehenga to any upcoming engagement ceremony to look hot and draw attention to yourself.


Libaas Queen offers a velvet lehenga that is stunningly simple and elegant. A Velvet lehenga is thought to be the most lavish attire that is suitable for a wedding occasion. Velvet is a classy fabric that can be the best option to wear at a wedding. At Libaas Queen, make the purchase of a velvet lehenga for your upcoming wedding occasion

Party Wear

The range of party wear velvet lehenga by Libaas Queen is a must-have for any event. Whether it is a small get-together or a birthday party, or even a simple reunion of friends, our velvet lehengas serve all occasions. Be the attention grabber at any part with Libaas Queen’s velvet lehengas.

Festive Wear

Are you well prepared and stocked up on festive attire for the upcoming festive season? If not, Libaas Queen got you covered. At our online store, you may get beautiful velvet lehengas in a variety of colours and designs according to Indian festivities!

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Velvet Lehengas?

Easy Online Shopping

Libaas Queen provides the easiest online shopping experience. Our lehengas are offered at great and reasonable prices. Libaas Queen brand specialises in its best customer service that extends well beyond the delivery of the product.

Best Prices

Are you looking for a lovely velvet lehenga at a reasonable price? Libaas Queen provides premium fabric velvet lehenga at the lowest prices ever seen. The range of our velvet lehenga is versatile and diverse in itself, and the best part is that they all are affordable.

Free Shipping and Delivery & COD Option

Libaas Queen offers free shipping and delivery services across the entire country of India. Worried about the online payment mode? Libaas Queen ensures the availability of the Cash On Delivery option for payment as it is the most accessible and easier way of purchasing.

Trusted Brand

For years, Libaas Queen has worked day and night to make sure that our clients can buy the most versatile and trendy velvet lehenga. Since we began this in 2016, Libaas Queen has been a great resource for all of our clients’ ethnic-wear requirements.

Book Velvet Lehengas From Libaas Queen

When it comes to velvet lehenga online shopping, Libaas Queen is your ultimate one-stop destination. You will be happy to get that gorgeous velvet lehenga from Libaas Queen right away due to the availability of our excellent collection! Libaas Queen offers excellent customer service and takes care of all your ethnic fashion requirements.

Put a full stop to your wait and book a velvet lehenga from Libaas Queen right away!

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