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Bollywood Style Sarees

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Bollywood Style Sarees

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Retro fashion is making a strong comeback in the Indian fashion industry. From puffed sleeves and polka dots to flared bottoms, the Indian fashion industry has experimented with it all! One such vintage fashion trend that has taken the internet these days is the sequin saree. From fashion designers and B-town celebrities to modern Indian women, everybody can be seen flaunting this bling attire.

The “all shine and bling” in a sequin saree not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but these beautiful details embossed carefully in a saree can alone transform a dull moment into a lively affair! Perfect for different occasions such as weddings to parties, these beautiful sequin Sarees are a staple in every woman’s closet. From sexy reds and alluring blacks to beautiful mauves and pinks, a little bling can never harm you. A little touch of shine and glitter in your sequin Saree is enough to exude that perfect oomph and glamour.

The Rising Demand For Sequin Sarees In India

Although it might come as a huge surprise to you, historical records hint at the fact that sequins are not a new addition to the world of fashion. In the ancient era, sequins which literally translated to coins were used to design and decorate Royal clothes in Middle Eastern countries. Gold sequins were found to be used in the designing of Royal garments in the Indus Valley Civilization. Since then, they have been used extensively in the world of fashion to give a shiny and glitzy effect to different apparel.

With the recent popularity of retro fashion trends, Indian women are opting for beautiful sequin Sarees to add a hint of glam to their entire look. The glimmering touch of sequin Sarees has become a recent favourite of modern Indian women who love it all shiny and sizzling.

Perfect to pull up at any and every occasion, these sequin Sarees are gaining huge popularity in the Indian fashion industry.

From Bollywood divas such as Sonam Kapoor and Jahnavi Kapoor to Malaika Arora, all can be snapped at various events adorned in this beautiful piece of attire. These beautiful sequins have also made their way to the International fashion world as well. From international models to Hollywood biggies such as Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian, the sequined details have found a special place in everyone’s heart!

Inspired by these divas, modern women have also started to opt for sequin Sarees for different occasions. From brides to bridesmaids, all can be seen flaunting this beautiful attire. Modern Indian brides are ditching their age-old traditional outfits and experimenting with sequins. Apart from brides, these sequin Sarees can also be worn to other occasions such as parties and events.

Our Range Of sequin Sarees

We at Libaas Queen have introduced a wide range of sequin Sarees in the market for our lovely customers to choose from at a very reasonable price. From traditional Bandhani sequin Sarees and net sequin Sarees to the alluring Georgette sequin Sarees, we at Libaas Queen have something for all. We also have a wide spectrum of colours for you to choose from accordingly. From bright reds and mesmerizing whites to soft pinks and stunning blacks, we have something for everyone.

Sequin Border Saree

Sequin sarees are always the ones preferred for parties because of their bright outlook and glittery show! Sequin border sarees can be found in various colours to match the themes of the parties and these sequins will throw off the light from the saree itself. Still, waiting? It’s time to get your sequin border saree now!

Designer Sequin Saree

Most designer sarees are made in a customised manner in order to meet the preferences of the customer. This can be said the same for the designer sequin sarees as well. You can tell your designer the type of sequins you want on your saree and with their own expertise and talent, they will be able to bring out a design which is absolutely unique for you. Want to make your colleagues jealous of your perfect beauty? Well, you get to choose your designer sarees!

Full Sequin Saree

The timeless and classy looks of the saree patterns are not that easy to acquire. Full sequin sarees are the ones which will make sure that your look is somewhat like the 90s diva. Is it a retro party or a regular one? You can choose to adorn a full sequin saree in any of these. Ditch all kinds of jewellery other than earrings. The sequins are already here to take care of the dazzle and shine!

Heavy Sequin Saree

Classic sequin sarees are always heavy. The intricate work which is displayed on these sarees cannot usually be matched by other patterns and fabrics. The heavy sequin sarees can be a great choice to wear at parties and weddings because of their classic patterns. The intricate heaviness of the sequins is the true element that makes these sarees royal. Get one of these and all eyes will be focused on you at this party!

Light Sequin Saree

If you are going with a hint of being feminine and dainty, the light sequin sarees will do the work for you. These are not very bright and dazzling but the soft touch of the sequins is enough to set you apart from the crowd. Use a little bit of blush and soft contours on your face. Add a pair of jhumkas to go with the entire look. You will definitely be the one to capture the show at the party!

Net Saree With Sequins

Net Sarees  with sequins are considered to be the divas of any wardrobe. Come on! Net sarees in themselves are some of the best designs that you can get in this era of fusion and when these are paired with the sequins, you will have a finished product that is timeless and modern simultaneously! Wearing these with long silver pencil heels or ballerinas will give you that “extra something” to rule the party tonight!

Chiffon Sequin Saree

Chiffon is one of the softest and richest fabrics which you can use without appearing too bold or angry! This is perfect to set a calm mood at the party and there is nothing which can replace a chiffon saree. Chiffon sequin sarees are different. They do have the power to replace the normal sequin or normal chiffon sarees. You can hope for these to go for a long-run fashion in the party scenario today!

Gold Sequin Sarees

Gold sequins speak of royalty and a certain gorgeous state. When you are going for a full traditional look with the gold sequin sarees, you can be quite sure that you will be the absolute queen at this party! With every eye turning at you, adjust the pallu with a brooch which can either be pink or royal blue. With this slight pop of colour, you will set the royal statement at any party!

Red Sequin Saree

Red is the colour of passion and this colour lasts through all eternities! Putting on a red sequin saree is sure to make you feel like a diva from the 90s era with a bit of a vibe from Rekha! Still, debating whether to get one of these or not? You can pair these Sarees with any bright jewellery to make your fashion statement even more prominent for the world to see!

Blue Sequin Saree

Blue is the colour of royalty. Whether it is a romantic date or a simple party, the blue sequin saree will always keep you away from the crowd and make others revere you for your fashion sense. The blue sequin saree almost has the theme of the ocean and this can be paired perfectly with the silver jewellery. Still, if you are in doubt, try to get a royal blue sequin saree rather than the sky-blue one. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Pink Sequin Saree

Thinking of dainty and pretty colours, a pink sequined saree will always make the mark. Whether you are trying to hide your actual boldness under the garb of pink or you are actually a bit feminine and shy, you will not be disappointed with the pink sequin saree. This saree will state your femininity and softness while your inner strength as a complete party person!

Green Sequin Saree

Green sequin sarees are the lifeblood of any party. These are paired with bright gold accessories and a small pouch as a purse to make the look complete. Green speaks of freshness and beauty! You can never go wrong with a green sequin saree because it will make you look younger than you actually are!

Black Sequin Saree

Black is the colour of eternal beauty. As they say, when in doubt, wear black. The black sequin sarees are the ones which set you apart from an entire crowd and go only with simple fashion ideas. Go for a bold makeup look with the black sequin saree. Don’t fear that you might look a little bit like a vamp! All that matters is that everyone shall be looking at your fashion sense in the entire party scene!

Sequin Saree with a combination of colour

Sequin saree with combination colours is never wrong with colourful and cheerful energy. These sequin sarees are known to have some great colours which will pop out from your beautiful curves to make you look perfect. Pair these with any kind of jewellery and you will surely look like a princess!

Buy sequin Sarees From Libaas Queen

If you also want to be a trendsetter this party season, you need to have at least one sequin Saree in your wardrobe. Keeping in mind the huge demand for sequin Sarees in the market, we at Libaas Queen have brought to you a wide variety of sequin Sarees for you to choose from accordingly. We have an exclusive collection of different sequin Sarees for different occasions and events such as weddings, engagements, parties and festivals.

Wedding sequin Sarees

Wedding attires do not necessarily need to be an all-traditional affair. Modern brides are now experimenting with different drapes and a bold sequin Saree adds the perfect hint of spice and glam to the entire outfit.

From monochromatic designs such as beige and pastel pinks to lime yellow and silver to bold blacks and bright reds, Modern Indian brides are serving the hottest fashion goals. To jazz up the overall look, you can team up your ravishing sequin saree with a backless noodle strap blouse and diamond jewellery with halo eye looks to look like a B-town Diva!

Engagement sequin Sarees

Engagement is incomplete without a subtle touch of glam! To add a glam quotient to your engagement fit, choose from our wide range of engagement sequin Sarees to stand out from the crowd. Opt from nude colour palettes such as shimmering silvers to soft beige and team it up with a corset blouse and minimal makeup to complete your look. You can either go with diamond jewellery or can opt for customised statement accessories to exude grace and elegance!

Party sequin Sarees

A shimmery sequin Saree and a bling night is a match made in heaven. This party season opt for a shimmery sequin saree and team it up with a sexy tube top to elevate your entire look! If you want to add something extra, add a long jacket and a belt to the same to serve some Komal Pandey style!

Festival Sequin Sarees

Gone are the days when festivals only meant a traditional and ethnic fit. Now you can style your favourite sequin Sarees to match the festival vibes. Opt for a ravishing red or a gorgeous blue Georgette sequin Saree and team it up with a jacket blouse to complete your entire look. Opt for oxidised boho-inspired chokers and oversized earrings to complement your look!

Styling A Sequin Saree Like Bollywood Celebs

Right now, sequin sarees are really popular. This is true, as we have seen them on various Bollywood stars, and we can confirm. In addition to Bollywood divas, many other women are choosing sequin sarees. How to arrange a sequin saree is one problem that the majority of them struggle with, though.

Loose Waves and hair designing: When you are dressing up in a special outfit, then not only your costume but all the aspects of your look matter, especially your hair. Your hair can make or break your look. Your entire appearance can be ruined if your haircut does not match your clothing.

Although experimenting with your hair is good, there are times when you should adhere to the fundamentals. You should choose a straightforward hairdo because the sequin saree is already very striking. Lock up your hair. Natural hair always complements such opulent and heavy clothing the best. Make certain that they give you an aesthetic look and appear well-tamed.

Simple Sleeveless Blouse: Because the saree, as indicated, is overwhelming for the eyes, you should choose a straightforward blouse. Consider getting a simple one and avoid experimenting with it too much. Purchase a sleeveless top in a solid colour that will complement your sari. We advise avoiding purchasing a sequined blouse if you plan to wear a saree since it will look messy and other people won’t know where to focus their attention.

Minimal Accessories: The key to styling a sequin saree is to maintain the other pieces simple and understated. Jewellery follows the same rules. You don’t want your accessories to overshadow your saree and draw attention to them instead. As a result, you should use simple and understated accessories. We advise you to get diamond jewellery. If you want to wear earrings, choose danglers because they will offer you the most exquisite appearance.

Classy Footwear: Footwear is quite important when wearing a saree. Your entire appearance may change as a result. While proper footwear will offer you a structured appearance, incorrect footwear can offer you a messy appearance. Avoid choosing overly flashy shoes and keep things understated. We would advise you to choose ballerina heels with a dash of bling or single-strap heels.

Nude Makeup: You should use minimal makeup because your clothing is all bling. Opt for little or bare-faced makeup. This would complement your sequin saree the best and bring out your best features.

Draping: It’s crucial to drape the saree properly. Make sure to drape it in a manner that accentuates your curves and gives your body a feminine appearance. The poor draping technique might ruin your entire appearance. You must watch how you drape your saree so that it doesn’t seem awkward while also not impeding your movement. In order to fully enjoy the occasion without thinking about your attire, it is crucial that the saree makes you gorgeous as well as keeps you comfortable.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Sequin Sarees?

We Are Experienced

Libaas Queen has been in this industry since 2016. Our years of knowledge and expertise in this venture have helped us earn your valuable trust. We have established ourselves as the most preferred shopping site for designer Sequin sarees. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website today and shop your heart out for our trusted brand.


When it comes to shopping for sequin sarees online, we at Libaas Queen are one of the best online sites to explore. Sequin Sarees have always been a love to Indian women. We have brought to you premium quality and gorgeous sequin Sarees at a very affordable rate.

COD Available

Libaas Queen offers COD to all our customers all over India. Apart from the option of online payment, you can now choose the cash-on-delivery option for all your ordered products!

Express Shipping

We at Libaas Queen have introduced the express shipping policy to help our customers receive their products within a few hours of ordering. Besides the regular shipping, we also provide express shipping pan India to make your products reach you faster.

Free Shipping And Delivery All Over India

We at Libaas Queen provide free shipping and delivery of all our products pan India. You can now shop at ease from the comfort of your home without paying any extra cost.

Easy Online Shopping

Libaas Queen is your one-stop destination for all things sequin Sarees. We provide the best and easy online shopping experience to all our customers across India. We at Libaas Queen take the pride in bringing a wide range of sequin Sarees to our customers at a very pocket-friendly price.

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This party season, wear the most Loved sequin Sarees from Libaas Queen and transform yourself into a glam Diva! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and head over to our website and shop your hearts out from our wide range of collections and stay on top of the trend!

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