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Buy Punjabi Style Salwar Suits  Online at Libaas Queen

A common piece of attire for every Indian woman is the Indian suit. Indian suits have traditionally been deemed remarkable pieces of clothing. An Indian suit is an attire that goes well with many different things; it’s versatile as well as diverse. If you want to honour your cultural history while being up-to-date with contemporary fashion trends, then the best place to think about is the Libaas Queen online store.

At Libaas Queen, you will be amazed to know the diversity of Indian suits we offer. But, when it comes to the speciality of Indian suits we deal in, Libaas Queen has been known for its most adorable pieces of Punjabi-style salwar suits. At our store, we offer some of the best Punjabi-style salwar suits online for every event and stylistic requirement.

When it comes to a Punjabi-style salwar suit that is quite reasonable as well as modest, Libaas Queen never fails to prove that fashion can be both inexpensive as well as trendy at the same time. Buy Punjabi-style salwar suits online at Libaas Queen without worrying about the hassles of shopping.

The Rising Popularity And Demand For Punjabi-Style Salwar Suits

Punjabi-style salwar suits are always known for their comfort as well as the chic look they provide. Gone are the days when women wore simple suits while going to offices, gatherings or even for shopping. The places have been now filled up with the best design and styles of Punjabi-style salwar suits.

With the rising popularity of Punjabi-style salwar suits, these Indian suit styles can be found in the wardrobe of every fashionable as well as classic woman. Even if you don’t have any Punjabi-style salwar suits in your wardrobe, do not miss any chance to update your wardrobe with this classic attire.

Why bother putting on the attires from any other culture when you have the Punjabi suits in your hand? Libaas Queen has a wide range of Punjabi dresses for women to wear and cherish themselves. If you are looking for a salwar suit in Punjabi style, you can keep your eyes on the collection offered by Libaas Queen. From the new stylish Punjabi dress to the jacket-style Punjabi salwar suit, we have everything to offer you!

Punjabi-Style Salwar Suits Collection At Libaas Queen

When it comes to our range of Punjabi-style salwar suits, we have curated a large collection for those stylish women who never fail to miss any chance to look more stylish. Our Punjabi-style salwar suits collection is one that makes everyone’s head turn. With our Punjabi-style salwar suits, you can let your inner fashionista shine through. Following is the range of Punjabi-style salwar suits that you can easily find at the Libaas Queen store.

Patiala Suit

Patiala suits are the lifeblood of any Punjabi Party. This is because these salwar suits are made out of bright and colourful fabrics which are extremely comfortable. The brightness of these rich-coloured Patiala suits brings life to any party and one can be quite sure that they will benefit from this outfit! This is because the outfit is very comfortable and can be worn on any occasion!

Sharara Punjabi Suits

If you are bored with the regular salwar suits for traditional parties, you can try out the sharara Punjabi suits! They have a certain flair which cannot be attained by any other kind of clothes! There is a certain playfulness in the sharara suits which can complement the wearer. These Punjabi suits are often preferred by those who are not willing to be restricted by their movements!

Palazzo Salwar Suit

Want your style to be complete and open? Well, one of the best ways to adopt this style is to keep a palazzo salwar suit in your wardrobe! These suits are very airy and they can be good for your skin as well. You will be able to wear these at any event that you like and also make sure that your style sense is flawless in its endeavour to be effortlessly beautiful!

Indo-Western Punjabi Suits

Bored with your regular suits and the simple pieces from the Western side? Well, in this party season, you can try out the Indo-western Punjabi suits which have flair and style! These suits are very comfortable and the designs are quite well crafted to give you the specific elegance that you have desired. Make sure to have one of these in your closet because you can style it with Indian and Western accessories alike to have an elevated look!

Printed Punjabi Salwar Suit

The Printed Punjabi Salwar suits are the favourites for most sangeet events because they are extremely pretty! They can be worn with any kind of jewellery and can be paired up with both flat and heeled shoes. You can wear this at bachelorette parties as well because these can be carried quite efficiently. Try out the longer earrings for this suit and make sure that you choose the bold prints!

Jacket Style Punjabi Suits

Really, are you going for the boring salwar suit again? Well, it is better that you ditch the old dupatta this time and out on the stylish new jacket for this Punjabi suit! These jackets are made out of materials which are richer than the actual suit and that makes the entire outfit even more alluring. Why be the boring damsel at the party when you can be the star of your own show by wearing the best Jacket style Punjabi suits?

Designer Punjabi Salwar Suit

Why should you go for your plain old clothes when you can choose the designer Punjabi salwar suit? These designer suits are made with extensive care and that too with the best weavers on the side of the designers. These customized designer salwar suits which follow the dress styles from Punjab can be considered to be a great option for parties as well!

Single-Color Silk Punjabi Salwar Suits

Multi-coloured salwar suits can be cute and bright but there is a certain elegance in single-coloured silk Punjabi salwar suits. The salwar suits which are made from single-coloured silk textiles are very chic and they can be worn with bright jewellery in order to ensure that you have the best styles in your wardrobe! The colour options may vary but you can definitely imagine yourself in a violet salwar suit with a set of diamond necklaces at your neck and matched earrings on your ears! Can anyone beat your look? We assure you, no one can.

Mirror Work Punjabi Suits

When you are ready for that extra dazzle in your party wear, try out the mirror work Punjabi suits which are more than efficient to show your bright and exuberant personality! These salwar suits are filled up with light and brightness when they are worn at any party. Try to reserve this in any of the traditional parties that you wish to attend and keep the jewellery to a minimum. That should be enough to liven up the evening!

Long Straight Cut Punjabi Suits

The longer salwar suits which are innate in their Punjabi form can be a great way to start up a party! Creating a dress theme which is leaning mostly to the traditional side but will also be complemented by something which is rather traditional can be a great way to incorporate the long straight cut Punjabi suits! How can you hope to wear anything better when you find something so close to your roots in the wardrobe? Get one of these now!

Flared Frock Style Punjabi Suit

The flared frock-style Punjabi suits are considered to be the perfect attire to wear for formal parties. These have a muted and yet elegant presence which cannot be provided by several other types of clothes. You can put these on along with some stilettos in bright silver and some other silver or oxidized jewellery in order to make sure that you look like a queen. This flared frock-style Punjabi suit is a great design to wear on any occasion!

Pant Style Punjabi Suit

Bored with your regular suit? Try out the pant-style Punjabi suit which is recently coming into the trend. These dresses are often worn at formal parties which need just a pop of colour to make them bright. Don’t wait long to have at least one of these in your closet and style it whichever way you want to ensure that the style remains intact!

Punjabi Suits With Phulkari Dupatta

The choice of dupatta will always be essential to make sure that you have chosen the right outfit. The phulkari dupatta is known for its complementary action for the Punjabi suits! Get the best Punjabi suit with a phulkari dupatta to keep the wardrobe filled with required outfits! The Punjabi suits are definitely brought up a notch when they are paired with these dupattas.

Punjabi Suits With Embroidered Salwar

Embroidered salwar suits from Punjab are greatly loved because these require a great deal of effort from the weavers. If you have one of these in your collection, you can pair them with a plain dupatta and minimum jewellery to ensure that your dress gets the entire spotlight! Don’t wait long to have some Punjabi suits with embroidered salwar in your collection!

Punjabi-Style Salwar Suits Online

Getting the Punjabi style salwar suits on the online scale might be a bit tough if you are not in the search of a perfect site like Libaas Queen. We keep every new style of Punjabi Salwar Suit, the ones which you can wear at parties and the ones which you can use for every day matters!

These suits will be readily available on the online platform of Libaas Queen and you will have a great day while exploring the best dresses on our website!

Punjabi-Style Salwar Suit Fabrics

At Libaas Queen, we also provide a wide range of Punjabi-style silk salwar suits, for your silk needs. Whether our Punjabi-style salwar suits are made from cotton or from velvet, whether it has a cinched waist or a free-fitting style, you will never be dissatisfied with the sheet range of fabrics which are already present with Libaas Queen.

Other fabrics that Libaas Queen has shown their expertise in include georgette, organza, net, Chanderi silk and Banglori silk Punjabi-style salwar suits. These are evergreen fabrics that truly elevate your style and make you appear elegant. There are different types of these textiles which might be taken off with Punjabi-style clothes and nothing will be better than having a similar dress within the range of different fabrics. Libaas Queen will allow you to do so!

Punjabi-Style Salwar Suit Designs

When it comes to the designs of our Punjabi-style salwar suits, we offer plain as well as designer Punjabi-style salwar suits. We are also engaged in embroidery, threadwork, and premium quality sequence on our Punjabi-style salwar suits.

Are you really bored with regular dresses by now? Isn’t it time that you look into the best Punjabi dress style for ladies? Thinking of the styles which are going to complement your figure in the right manner? Well, Libaas Queen is here with all. How can you think of getting your fashion sense going wrong when you have some of our best collections on you?

Punjabi-Style Salwar Suits For Different Occasions Available

At Libaas Queen, we ensure that our Punjabi-style salwar suits can be worn on numerous events and occasions.

Engagement or Ring Ceremony

Want a modern and feminine look for an engagement? You can depend on Libaas Queen. At any engagement occasion, you can choose to be dressed up in our beautiful Punjabi-style salwar suits that are bound to get the people staring at your beauty.


The Punjabi-style salwar suits collection at Libaas Queen is extraordinarily beautiful. We believe the Punjabi-style salwar suits to be the most opulent attire appropriate for a wedding event. Punjabi-style salwar suits when worn to a wedding, can provide you with a terrific and outstanding glamorous appearance.


Do you plan to say goodbye to your school/college soon? Is a farewell coming up? There’s no need to worry; Libaas Queen is renowned for its outstanding selection of traditional Punjabi-style salwar suits. These Punjabi-style salwar suits radiate ease and professionalism while also being stylish and trendy at the same time.

Party Wear

We at Libaas Queen offer a wide range of Punjabi-style salwar suits. Need ethnic clothing for a party? People are sure to turn to look at you in the dashing and spectacular Punjabi-style salwar suit attire.

Festive Wear

Have you stocked up on festive clothing in preparation for the upcoming season of festivities? Beautiful Punjabi-style salwar suits are available from Libaas Queen, which are appropriate for all festivals.

Important Tips To Style Punjabi Salwar Suit

The Punjabi salwar suit is one of the most popular and traditional outfits in India. It has its own unique style which cannot be explained in words but can only be seen. The best way to style this outfit is by knowing how to choose the right fabric, colour and cut of it.

Colour And Fabric

The colour of the kurta and salwar should be in sync if you want your outfit to look stylish. While choosing a colour for either one of these pieces, it is important to keep in mind that these two items are worn together. If you have decided on an off-white or cream colour for the kurta, then it will be easy for you to match this with an off-white or cream-coloured salwar.

The fabric used in making each piece of clothing plays an important role when styling Punjabi suits because it affects how they look on people who wear them! The cotton kurtas are comfortable and easy to wear, while the linen ones can be paired with churidar pyjamas or jeans to create a casual look. However, if you are planning to wear your suit at a wedding event or some other formal occasion, then we would recommend that you go for silk kurtas as they make you look stylish and elegant.

Fitted Kurtis

In this section, we will talk about how to style a kurti. The first thing you need to know about your kurti is that it should be fitted. This means that the neckline of your jacket should not be too tight and should also not be too loose; otherwise, it will look bad on you.

If you have a big chest or shoulders and want to wear a loose-fitting Kurti then go for one with an adjustable strap around the waist because this way you can adjust them according to your body shape and size without having any issues later on!

Fabric Of The Salwar

The fabric of the salwar should be lightweight, and it should be soft. On the other hand, the fabric of your salwar should also be comfortable to wear. You can choose from cotton or silk fabrics for making your salwar. We recommend wearing the salwar with a kurta or tunic top in the colour of your choice. This will give you more options for styling and dressing up! We also recommend choosing fabrics that match one another or coordinate well together so that when laid flat against each other they create an interesting visual effect from all angles.

Length Of The Kurta

The length of the kurta should be long enough to cover your knees, but not too long. If you have long legs, then it is recommended that you wear a kurta that has an extra half-length of fabric as well. The same goes for someone with short legs – they should opt for shorter necklines and sleeves so that their knees will not be exposed when walking around in public spaces like malls or parks.

If you want to keep things simple and just go with a plain white colour on top (which is also considered more traditional), then we recommend going with something between 37-38 inches long (about 1ft 6in)


The lining is a must in a salwar suit. It gives you a comfortable feel and helps to keep your body warm or cool, depending on what kind of lining you choose. You can choose from several different types of linings: cotton, viscose and silk. Cotton is the most budget-friendly option because it’s more durable than other fabrics but still offers enough support for comfort.

Viscose has a similar level of durability but is more expensive than cotton due to its finer texture (which means it takes longer for wrinkles to form). Silk is on the higher end when compared with other fabrics because it requires much less maintenance than cotton or viscose; however, this makes it more expensive as well!


To show the best side of yours, you can use a dupatta of the same colour, fabric and style as your outfit. For example, if you have an all-white outfit, then make sure that the dupatta is also white. If it’s black or brownish in colour, then go for a bright pink or blue one.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Punjabi-Style Salwar Suits?

You might be wondering why to choose Libaas Queen to buy Punjabi-style salwar suits online. Here are a few reasons why Libaas Queen is a fantastic option to get the most trendy Punjabi-style salwar suits.

Easy Online Shopping

Libaas Queen store offers the best, most useful, and easy online shopping experience. For easier accessibility of our clients, we offer a wide variety of Punjabi-style salwar suits that are perfect to enhance your style statements.

Highly Affordable

Libaas Queen professionals believe that fashion should be concentrated on affordability and be attainable for everyone. We provide the most as a result, making them affordable for everyone. Are you looking to get beautiful Punjabi-style salwar suits at a fair price? Libaas Queen is the one-stop shop.

Free Shipping and Delivery All Over India

Libaas Queen platform offers free delivery throughout India. All thanks to Libaas Queen, every Indian woman can now have the chance to be stylish with our Punjabi-style salwar suits collection.

COD & Express Shipping

Libaas Queen provides Cash On Delivery for all of our orders. Since COD is the most popular option for payment, Libaas Queen lets consumers use COD as a legitimate payment option.

Do you need your purchases to arrive quickly? If yes, then Libaas Queen holds your back. We offer express shipping which allows for your favourite products to reach you quicker than usual.

Providing Best Trends From Years

Libaas Queen has been in the business long enough to understand the needs of our beloved clients, whose preferences and choices we utterly respect. Libaas Queen has been a fantastic stop for all of our customers’ ethnic wear needs.

Book Punjabi-Style Salwar Suits From Libaas Queen

Libaas Queen is recognised for its comprehensive collection of ethnic attire, which includes lehengas, sarees, Kurtis, and other stylish ethnic products, in addition to its gorgeous assortment of Punjabi-style salwar suits.

Libaas Queen has a variety of Indian suits that is truly unmatched. Where else can you find a single destination for a wide range of Indian suits? Libaas Queen is your ultimate stoppage. What are you waiting for? Book Punjabi-style salwar suits from Libaas Queen today!

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