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Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Sarees

Alluring White Soft Net Heavy …

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Sarees

Alluring Yellow Floral Printed…

Original price was: ₹5,625.Current price is: ₹2,250.

Bollywood Style Sarees

Aqua Organza Silk Sequence Thr…

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.

Bollywood Style Sarees

Aromatic Red Rangoli Silk Heav…

Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹5,625.Current price is: ₹2,250.
Original price was: ₹5,625.Current price is: ₹2,250.

Buy Party Wear Sarees Under Online at Libaas Queen

Historically, sarees have been thought of as an eye-catching style of clothing. And Libaas Queen is the top website to shop for sarees if you want to keep up with fashion trends while also paying respect to your cultural heritage.

At Libaas Queen, we believe that fashion and stylistic expression should be affordable, feasible and comfortable. Everyone should be able to bring out their inner fashionista with our well-curated designs of ethnic wear. When it comes to party wear sarees, we ensure that the quality of such pieces is top-notch and luxurious. However, they can be bought at the most modest rates. We, at Libaas Queen, keep a vast collection of party-wear sarees under 1500. With our party-wear sarees, you will radiate charm, allure and self-assurance. We are party wear sarees manufacturers as well, who produce incredible and strikingly magnificent designs, made of the best fabrics. Our team of professionals develop the perfect sarees for the right occasions. We also pride ourselves on providing pure party wear sarees.

At Libaas Queen, the party wear sarees designs are intricate, stunning and exquisite. We make sure that all of our products, especially the party wear saree designs, have undergone quality control procedures that go above and beyond the industry norms. At Libaas Queen, you can purchase party wear sarees online. You can also purchase a simple party-wear saree at the best price possible. With our convenient and user-friendly interface, you can choose the best party wear sarees for yourself and transcend what ethnic fashion stands for. With Libaas Queen’s sarees, you’re sure to turn the eyes of people to you at every party.

Wait no more. Shop for sarees for party wear online at Libaas Queen today! In addition to our party wear sarees, we offer sarees in a huge range of designs, hues, shades and materials. 

Range Of Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

To spread the appeal of the party wear style, Libaas Queen gathers and selects the finest ethnic patterns and textiles. When it comes to the sarees we deal in, you’d be surprised at how diverse we are! We also deal in different types like net sarees and more For every event and stylistic need, we provide some of the best and most beautiful party-wear sarees. Following is a guide to our party wear range, presented to you at the most affordable rates. 

The colour orange represents warmth and passion. It’s full of energy, and it’s quite charming. It’s also reminiscent of the Autumn months. A classic colour, orange party wear sarees under 1500 offers a great deal! You get the style of vibrant orange at the most modest rates. With the flashiness and flamboyance of orange, you’re sure to rock any party or get-together. Make your friends and family wonder in awe about your chic, stunning fashion sense in our well-curated orange-coloured party wear sarees.

Pink Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

Pink is romantic! It is youthful, feminine and gorgeous. When you make your selection from Libaas Queen’s range of pink party wear sarees under 1500, you’ll be taken to a world of affordable glamour like no other! At a party, a darker pink colour is sure to set all hearts ablaze. The glitz and cheerfulness of pink are sure to make you a party heartthrob.

Yellow Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

When it comes to our curated collection of yellow party wear sarees under 1500, you’d be amazed to know the comfort and lightness of the colour. It’s vibrant, bright and serene. It’s full of warmth and kindness. At any party, you’ll feel like a breeze if you wear our yellow party wear sarees.

Green Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

Green is an earthy, tranquil colour. However, when introduced to the world of Libaas Queen’s green party wear sarees Under 1500, you’d be shocked to know how the tranquillity of green translates into the most gorgeous colour to wear at a party ever. The happy, and lucky green is sure to attract the attention of many!

Purple Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

The colour purple is laced with mystique and wonder. It is intricate, marvellous, and beautiful. A glitzy, gorgeous and glittery, sequined purple party wear saree is sure to steal the spotlight at any fancy outing. Buy our purple party wear sarees under 1500 right away!

Cream Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

The cream is a sombre, pretty colour. It is light and smooth. It’s classy and sophisticated. Basically, it’s a perfect must-have for any party. It’s eye-catchy, and modest at the same time. Our range of cream party wear sarees under 1500 offers a perfect deal! Buy right away from Libaas Queen.

Black Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

Black is the colour of class, refinement and formality. It is casual, yet chic. When you look into Libaas Queen’s premium collection of black party wear sarees under 1500, you’re offered a promise of sensual sophistication and ravishing grace. Purchase our black party wear today as they’re a must-buy for every woman.

Magenta Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

Magenta is a warm, vibrant colour. It arouses feelings of kindness, empathy, and love. One of the most popular fashion items is one of our lovely and feminine magenta party wear sarees under 1500. They are flashy and fashionable, perfect for any and every party for a chic, preppy look.

Red Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

Red is the utmost symbolism of passion, love, power and ambition. When it comes to partywear, red is among those colours which are the most preferable. It’s eye-catchy, stylish and in vogue. Our collection of red party wear sarees under 1500 is a fantastic deal to be offered.

Party Wear Combination Saree

At Libaas Queen, you can purchase a beautiful selection of party wear combination saris. Colour blending and matching are two ways to give ethnic clothing a playful rhythm. Libaas Queen understands the issue and vigorously advocates for combination pieces to genuinely elevate your style. The latest, up-to-date, and trendy range of party wear styles are available thanks to the world of combination sarees. 

Party Wear Designer Saree

When it comes to our designer party wear sarees, rest assured that you’d be promised the class of premium luxury. The quality of our designer sarees is of the highest scale. With intricate designs, and made with 100% effort, our party wear designer saree is a must-have for every wardrobe.

Party Wear Bridal Saree

At the wedding parties, the bridal saree worn by the Libaas Queen will undoubtedly draw attention. Party-appropriate sarees will undoubtedly enhance the wedding-day celebration. It’s a beautiful collection that Libaas Queen has made available in a range of patterns, styles, colours, and tones.

Party Wear Saree with Golden Blouse

Wearing a golden blouse with a lovely, basic party saree of any colour will make it stand out. An exquisite and opulent golden blouse can enhance even a simple party-wear saree. Libaas Queen’s party wear saree with the golden blouse is a must-buy.

Party Wear with Saree Golden Border

Any straightforward party saree is made interesting and zesty by the addition of golden. The inherent beauty of a party-wear saree is emphasised and enhanced when combined with a golden border. You can purchase the carefully curated selection of party wear sarees with golden borders from Libaas Queen.

Party Wear Saree with Contrast Blouse

Sarees for a party wear look their best when paired with a blouse that provides lavish and fashionable colour contrast. If you do it right, you might have the best outfit in the room. In order to make your party wear saree look its best, you can mix it up and choose blouses in complementary colours.

Party Wear Saree with Black Border

The addition of a black border to any party-wear saree is sure to attract the gaze of many. Black is sophisticated, minimalistic and classy. It is a staple trendy inclusion to any party wear saree. Libaas Queen’s party wear saree with black border is a must-grab.

Party Wear Saree with Pink Blouse

A pink blouse gives the former more presence when worn with a party saree. Together, they create a peaceful coexistence that is lovely, fashionable, practical, and attractive. The pink blouse party wear sarees from Libaas Queen are an absolute must-have.

Party Wear Dola Silk Saree

Dola silk sarees are one of the best fabrics of sarees ever, especially for a party! Dola silk is slightly sheer, and gorgeous and exudes simplicity yet grace. Libaas Queen’s party wear dola silk saree is available in many shades and hues.

Contrast Colour for Party Wear Saree

When it comes to our party wear sarees, we offer a wide variety of colour schemes. The contrast colour saree collection from Libaas Queen offers a stark foundation for colour comparison that is quite fashionable, modern, and trendy. When worn with a blouse that is a different colour and style, colours like purple, pink, orange, and magenta create a beautiful contrast.

Care Tips For Party Wear Sarees 

Following are some care tips for party wear sarees! 

Proper Storage 

Depending on the material, ensure that you’re properly storing your party-wear sarees. Do not twist and wring it carelessly as it may be difficult to iron it out in the future. You should keep it seamless and wrap it up gently for your next time use. 

Dry your sarees 

If you do not wish to wash your sarees, hang them up to dry after wearing them. If not completely dried, the moisture it retains will begin to produce an awful stench. However, at the same time, try avoiding drying them out in direct sunlight. The colour will fade as a result of such intense sun exposure.

Opt for dry-washing sarees 

Maintain the longevity of your party-wear sarees by giving them for dry cleaning. Machine cleaning might be too harsh and the quality of some fabrics will start degrading over time as high-quality textiles happen to be quite sensitive. However, at the same time, do remember that materials like cotton and chiffon need to be hand-washed. 

Naphthalene Balls 

Ensure wherever you’re storing your party-wear sarees, it’s hygienic enough. Use naphthalene balls but ensure they’re not in direct contact with the saree, as it can damage the quality of the saree. 

Party Wear Sarees Under 1500 For Different Occasions Available

Engagement or ring ceremony

We make sure that our customers can wear and make use of our party-wear sarees which provide the utmost comfort and style for an engagement or ring ceremony, especially the ones made of georgette and chiffon. At the cheapest rate, you’ll get the most beautiful engagement party saree to wear. 


Libaas Queen’s collection of Party Wear wedding saree is the best option to choose from for wedding parties. It’s stylish, exquisite and flawless.


Do you plan to say goodbye to an institution or workplace soon? Don’t worry; Libaas Queen is renowned for its excellent selection of sarees that can be worn for formal or informal farewell party wear. Modesty and style coexist at Libaas Queen.

Party Wear

Libaas Queen’s party wear sarees are made for parties. They’re curated for the sole purpose of being appropriate for parties. With our glittery and flamboyant designs, you’ll be the rockstar of every party. 

Festive Wear

The upcoming festive season will include multiple parties and dinner nights to attend. A classy, gorgeous and stunning party-wear saree from Libaas Queen is what you require. At the most modest rates, under 1500, you can buy the best festive wear party sarees. 

How to Choose Party Wear Sarees Under 1500? 

You may ask, how do you choose the most appropriate party wear saree under 1500? Well, that depends on several criteria:

On the basis of the occasion

Depending on the occasion, you will choose different styles of party wear sarees. For example, at a farewell party, your party wear saree will be completely different in style when compared to your party wear saree for a wedding occasion. This further gets classified into other subcategories. 

But before choosing a party-wear saree, keep in mind which occasion you’re choosing to attend. If it requires chic and formal, go for the contemporary styles. If it asks for stylish, timeless and traditional, go for the classy, evergreen styles that never grow old. 

On the basis of the fabric and design

Fabric matters the most. The type of fabric that you choose when selecting a party wear saree will ensure which look you’re going for. Silk tends to be more sensual, sleek and attractive. Meanwhile, a fabric like organza provides a solid, serene look. It’s sombre and pretty. Hence, the right type of fabric must be picked for the type of party you’re attending. 

When it comes to design, a well-curated and premium patchwork or embroidery or thread work will ensure that people are attracted and enthralled by your outfit. Hence, keep in mind the design of the saree you’re opting for. Do you want something extremely flashy? Or do you want something a bit more simple, yet trendy? Ask yourself these questions. 

On the basis of colour

Colour is the most important aspect of choosing a saree. You wouldn’t be likely to wear a bright, neon green saree to a casual, office party, would you? The right occasion asks for the right colour, and the right colour depends on the saree you opt for. Therefore, always pick colours that suit the occasion. 

For farewells, blacks and blues are your best friends. For a night out, purple and pink are your ultimate source of fashion and luxury. For a wedding, orange, cream, yellow, and turquoise are your dependable sources of style and comfort. 

On the basis of an overall aesthetic

When you wear an outfit, you wish to convey or express an impression. On every occasion, we try to fit you into the general aesthetic. For example, at a farewell, the party-wear saree you’re likely to wear should assert confidence, formality and professionalism. When it comes to a wedding, you are more likely to exude vibrance, youthfulness and fun. Therefore, dress accordingly. Keep in mind the general aesthetic, and the theme of the party. If it’s vintage, stick to vintage party-wear sarees. If it’s modern, stick with the trendy pieces. 

Tips Before Wearing Party Wear Sarees Under 1500

Consider the following tips when you adorn our premium collection of party-wear sarees:

Confidence is key

At any party or any occasion, only your confidence is a sure-shot guarantee at making people believe you can carry any look and outfit with grace, especially our party-wear sarees. Remember to wear your party-wear saree with confidence and self-assuredness. If you appear confident in your clothing choices, people are more likely to notice you and shower you with praise. 

The Draping Style

Since our range of party wear sarees accommodates multiple styles, fabrics and colours, one of the most important components of enhancing the glamour is the style of draping. You can alter our party wear sarees to suit your needs using a variety of adaptable draping techniques. Our party wear sarees offer variety and let you experiment with various styling options, whether it’s the neck drape or the mermaid-style drape. You can also experiment with other draping techniques, such as the opulent and fashionable dhoti style or the chic and contemporary gown style.


You can genuinely make any outfit better by embellishing the overall look with various accessories. Sarees are no exception, particularly those of the party-wear variant. You can accessorise your party wear saree from Libaas Queen in a variety of ways, including adding belts, scarves, pins and brooches, wearing cardigans, and coats on top, etc. This elevates your overall aesthetic at any party and makes people wonder about your perfection. 

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Party Wear Sarees Under 1500? 

Easy online shopping

With our easy-to-interact website interface, prices that offer a great deal, and an exquisite range of high-quality sarees, we ensure that your shopping experience is easy and convenient. Libaas Queen offers a fantastic, useful, reachable, and simple online shopping system. Our sarees are available for fantastic, affordable prices online. For the benefit of our customers, we categorise our style statements.

Price (1795 to 2250)

Want to purchase a party saree that is both stylish and affordable? Affordable sarees of superior quality have been chosen by Libaas Queen. We provide top-notch sarees made of fabrics like organza, georgette, chanderi silk, etc. for the lowest prices possible, ranging from ₹1795 to ₹2250.

Free Shipping and Delivery all over India

While providing premium products at affordable prices, we also offer free delivery across India. Every Indian woman has the chance to express herself through our stylish collection of party wear sarees, thanks to Libaas Queen. As a result, we think that offering our services nationally as well as a bonus of free shipping. 

COD Available

COD is available at Libaas Queen! We provide Cash On Delivery for all of our premium, first-class orders. Since COD is a popular payment preference, resonating with the majority of the folks in India, Libaas Queen allows consumers to use COD as a credible, feasible and viable payment option.

Express Shipping

Do you want your purchases delivered quickly, at the fastest speed? You’ll be happy to know that we offer Express Shipping and conventional shipping. We ensure that customers with strict deadlines can order their desired party-wear sarees by reducing the time it takes for our products to be shipped out.

We have been in the market since 2016

With extensive industry knowledge, Libaas Queen is able to comprehend the requirements of its loyal customers, whose preferences we respect. Since 2016, Libaas Queen and its exceptional staff of fashion experts have worked tirelessly and round-the-clock to ensure that our customers can purchase the best, most versatile, and most fashionable sarees currently on the market.

Libaas Queen has been a fantastic resource for all of our clients’ ethnic-wear needs ever since we started doing business in 2016.

Book Party Wear Sarees from Libaas Queen

Lehengas, pant sarees, kurtas, and other stylish ethnic clothing are among the extensive selection of ethnic clothing that Libaas Queen is renowned for in addition to its stunning collection of party wear sarees. 

Our party wear saree collection is diverse, premium and full of vibrance. They’re glamorous and statement pieces. We, at Libaas Queen, make party wear saree online shopping fun, affordable and comfortable. You can purchase party wear saree for girls right away.

Our convenient features and a fantastic selection of ethnic clothing will have you shopping at Libaas Queen right away! Excellent customer service is provided by Libaas Queen, who can meet all your needs for ethnic clothing. Book a party-wear saree from Libaas Queen right away!

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