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Buy Pant Sarees Online at Libaas Queen

Pant Saree. Exquisite and classy; women of various ages, styles tastes and aesthetics can choose from a huge selection of pant sarees at Libaas Queen. Sarees are an evergreen part of an Indian woman’s fashion. Much like wine, it grows finer with age and time. Sarees have been a fashion statement for a while now. Only when you know the rules, can you break them, and we, at Libaas Queen, do exactly that. If you like to remain on top of contemporary fashion trends while still remaining loyal to your traditional roots, Libaas Queen is your ideal destination.

When it comes to the saree, is a part of Indian fashion which remains intrinsic within every Indian woman. It is feminine and bold. It is traditional, yet contemporary. It is ever-changing and yet pertains to eternity. Libaas Queen pant sarees can enhance your charm on any occasion with our sarees manufactured from the finest materials including silk, cotton, and chiffon.

When it comes to our prices, we believe that affordability should be stylish. At the most reasonable rates, you can get beautiful sets of pant sarees. Worried about all the festivals coming up soon and the lack of sarees in your wardrobe? Libaas Queen has got your back. With our modest sales on ethnic wear like kurtas, sarees, lehengas, and so much more, the offers we provide are sensible, practical and suitable for all women.

In addition to offering you reasonable prices, Libaas Queen also offers free shipping throughout India and the option of paying with cash on delivery, which makes us one of the most accessible fashion brands. Atย Libaas Queen, we put the greatest emphasis on quality, customer service and putting on a marvellous show with our ethnic styles.

Range of Pant Saree Set By Libaas Queen

Libaas Queen brings to you the symbol of women’s ethnicity in India, the saree with the fusion of the latest easy-to-wear and unique trends. We offer ethnic values and glamour in the latest, most stylish and best quality Pant Saree. Pant Saree set is the new trendy way to put your saree flawlessly with ease and grace. It guarantees you convenience with style and unique pant saree sets at affordable ranges. The growing popularity of this style has heightened the style quotient. This modern pant saree style is not only comfortable to carry but provides a traditional Indian Saree look of grace and elegance.

Pant Style Saree with Belt

Adding a western and contemporary style to your traditional look, add an element of uniqueness by draping your pant saree with a fancy belt around the waist. This will not only make you stand out from the crowd but add points to your fashion statement on a special occasion. You can either go with a metallic or silk belt contrasting with your pant saree attire. A relatively plain belt might add simplicity to the complete attire tied in a sober manner. You can even flaunt your belt attire with a jacket and draped pant saree giving a completely formal yet funky style. Our range of Pant Style Saree with Belt is loved by many women.

Pant Saree with Blouse

The trendy blouses with pant saree sets will completely set different tones and make it sassy and unique. Cape style off-shoulder blouse for pants draped saree. Contrasting tone blouses for lighter shades or vice versa. Embroidered blouses for an exquisite traditional look and high-neck blouses for formal looks. Even crop tops and full sleeves shirts can be put up with pant sarees enhancing awesomeness.

We offer all different styles of pant saree with blouse. Denim with a long blouse will give you an outstanding casual look with some random jewellery add-on. A combination of the palazzo with a simple print saree and mid-length sleeve blouse will be perfect for a date night.

Ready to Wear Pant Saree

Ready-to-wear garments have become quite popular among the latest fashion trends because of their affordable ranges and traditional attire suitable for every occasion. Ready-to-wear pant sarees are easy to wear and made up of comfortable fabric suitable for all weather conditions.

The bolder colour gives these readymade pant sarees stand out and gives the overall outfit a more dynamic look. With pant sarees, you own your creative freedom cutting off the time restraints and bringing out the real diva of yourself.

Ready Made Pant Saree

The readymade pant saree is always a perfect choice for contemporary women. It was first introduced for foreign clients to wave off the long draping fuss but nowadays itโ€™s quite popular among Indian working women who prefer time to money. The pre-stitched pleats with petticoats and pallus, make a perfect outfit which is convenient and ready to wear.ย 

The advantage of readymade pant sarees is it still holds the charm of elegance and royalty of traditional saree just without the trouble of draping. Choose us for online shopping of exclusive readymade pant sarees.

Availability Of The Best Material for Pant Sarees

The Libaas Queen collection includes readymade pant sarees in multiple designs with fabrics that suit your occasion and are soft and favourable to your skin. At Libaas Queen, we provide you with a wide variety of fabrics which includes soft satin silk, georgette, net and organza and also with the new addition of organza fabric.

With such a wide variety of fabrics available add to your fashion statement. Even satin with polyester blends is also available. Cotton saree pants are in high demand with full-sleeve blouses, ready to wear.ย 

Availability Of The Pant Sarees For Different Occasionsย 

Pant sarees have recently taken over the fashion trends after various Bollywood Divas like Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra flaunted their elegant look in pant sarees on different occasions. The Libaas Queen collection offers you pant sarees for occasion wear fit to your desires. From glamorous pant saree with the belt for a perfect cocktail party look to embroidered pant saree for traditional occasions.

At Libaas Queen collection, you will find pant sarees for weddings, engagements, party wear, festive wear, occasional wear and even for your daily formal office wear. You might find exciting designs of pant sarees for festive wear depending on your needs and requirements in a variety of colours without compromising quality and traditional look.

Availability Of Pant Sarees in different colours

Libaas Queen collection has perfectly kept in mind the colour palette for every occasion including prints and laces. The colour ranges include red, black, white, green, pink, blue, purple, wine, yellow, orange, grey, etc. The lighter and darker shades of each colour are available in different variants and ranges.

For every apt occasion, light and heavy embroidered pant sarees are also available. You can even explore the floral, block and matrix prints in the pant sarees available at Libaas Queen collection. Do check regularly for ongoing deals and new launches.ย 

Types of Pant Sarees To Choose

Pant style sarees have taken all over the fashion industry. Especially for women in the working sector who want hassle-free draping with the perfect combination of elegance, grace and tradition. The Libaas Queen Collection provides you with a variety of styles that you can carry out with your favourite pant saree set.

Pant Style Saree with Belt

For a perfect casual look, donโ€™t forget to tie the belt with your favourite georgette pant saree and long blouse.ย  With a belt tied on the pant saree, you carry both the modern as well as the traditional look which not only enhances the beauty of the saree but brings out the modern trends aptly.

Usually, try wearing a silk or metallic belt matching the pant saree at the front. The plain pant saree will not only bring forward the look of the belt but enhance the formal look

Dhoti Pant Saree

If you are looking for perfect traditional attire in a pant saree, the dhoti pant saree is a must-choice. It not only gives you a perfect traditional vibe but is quite comfortable in carrying. You can easily handle it without any hassle or problems.ย 

Dhoti Pant sarees can go with all the special occasions like marriages, party wear or any other special occasion. The silk texture in dhoti sarees will complement the style statement and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Pant Saree with Blouse

While putting on a pant saree you donโ€™t have to confine yourself to a traditional blouse. You can opt for a wide variety of blouses depending on the need and style statement of the pant saree. You can try crop tops as blouses for casual and party wear. Shirt style blouse, mid-sleeve blouses for regular wear.ย 

Heavily embroidered blouses and laced blouses for special occasions like marriages, engagements, etc are available. Even Zari work blouses, blouses with floral frills and metallic touch can put on your fashion game top notch.ย 

Tips To Keep in Mind While Wearing Pant Saree

  • Firstly, decide on the type of fabric youโ€™re choosing because not every fabric supports every body type. Cotton pant sarees often look good on lean bodies while georgette sarees look good on every type of body.
  • Do keep in mind the accessories and footwear you choose while selecting a pant saree because these elements add to the beauty of the overall outfit.ย 
  • The blouseโ€™s design can be an important factor in determining the overall fashion statement of the outfit you are carrying on. Be wise in choosing the blouse accordingly with respect to the pant saree and occasion.ย 
  • Keep in mind your complexion and colour palette of the pant saree so the glory of your complete persona reflects properly
  • Keep in mind the pleats adjustment to avoid wardrobe malfunction later. Always choose comfortable footwear while wearing these pant sarees for total comfort and ease.ย 
  • Choose the saree according to your body structure and ensure the use of safety pins for the proper adjustment so that you donโ€™t always have to worry about adjustments and draping fuss.

Libaas Queen

Libaas Queen is notable for offering variety. The choice is what empowers a woman, and we, at Libaas Queen, provide hundreds of options and choices of fashion styles to choose from. From a wonderful set of saree pants to a majestic range of palazzos and Kurtis, we offer versatility at Libaas Queen. We also offer other items of selection, such as flared dresses, pants, maxi dresses, kurtas, and so much more! We have curated our designs according to the highest standards of aesthetics pertaining to our clients and their needs. Our craftsmanship knows no bounds. We transform ethnic wear for our ladies who love ethnic, as much as we do.ย 

With changing times and weather, Libaas Queen also knows how to change. For winters, Libaas Queen offers a great selection of winter wear to make sure you stay glamorous and evergreen even in the cold. From classy shrugs to aesthetically pleasing coats โ€“ Libaas Queen’s winter wear will keep all eyes on you.ย 

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Pant Sarees?

Libaas is the one-stop online shop for affordable yet fashionable ladiesโ€™ fashion. We have been catering to your needs since 2016. Libaas Queen offers free Express shipping to all our customers, all over India. Furthermore, our customer support team is available to assist you with any queries. Libaas Queen offers superior quality pant sarees at an affordable price with a special benefit of COD available.

Libaas Queen is a 6-year-old fashion online shop with expertise in women’s fashion providing quality and complete customer satisfaction. At Libaas Queen, you can browse through the latest collection of all new trends in pant sarees and pant sarees set at an affordable range starting from just Rs. 1795.

Now, you can buy pant saree online in India. The collection includes the latest pant saree with the belt, dhoti pant saree, blouse pant saree, and floral and regular pant sarees. For every occasion, pant sarees are available. You can choose a saree for a sophisticated and elegant evening party to high-voltage Indian weddings and festivals. Even pant sarees with stylish prints are available for casual wear and working women.

The Libaas Queen shopping site allows you hassle-free shopping with comfort at your home, delivering your desired saree to your doorstep at an affordable price range with no shipping charges at all. The clothes are exactly as shown in the pictures and are of very good quality. Hurry up and grab your collection before it is sold out.

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