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Buy Net Lehenga Online At Libaas Queen

When it comes to an Indian woman, traditional attire is what comes to our mind. Indian suits, sarees, and lehengas are thought to be valuable beliefs when it comes to the femininity and boldness of an Indian woman. These classic ensembles come in a broad assortment of styles. When you think about selecting an appropriate outfit for those important parties, beautiful lehengas have long been a sizzling preference. And the best thing is that one category of Indian lehengas that are highly trending these days is the beautiful net Lehenga.

Getting something that is chic and stylish will never go out of fashion in the vogue industry! You just have to make the right choices about your clothes every now and then to ensure that you have the desired effect of glamour on your peers. This is where we, Libaas Queen, can come to your aid. We believe that you need the right dress to bring out the beauty which you have been hiding to date. We strongly believe that this innate beauty can be brought out even with a simple net lehenga that is perfectly crafted in the house of Libaas Queen.

Our premium yet affordable range of net lehenga online will definitely make you stand out from the crowd at the party. Why wear plain fashion when you can get a chic look with our elegant net lehenga designs? Worried about the cost? We offer the best price without compromising the quality. Head out to the online store of Libaas Queen now.

The Popularity Of Navratri-Wear Special Lehengas In India

For ages, lifestyles have changed but the passion for these stunning Lehengas is not.  The popularity of the net lehenga has actually grown very high, whether it is among women of different ages and social groups, the brides seeking bridal lehengas, or the bridesmaids who are just going to attend weddings. Contemporary lehengas continue to be prevalent for traditional and cultural celebrations whether it is a wedding, a festival, or any similar occasion.

We at Libaas Queen, the rising platform for women’s ethnic wear, have introduced a wide range of net lehenga cholis for those women who don’t miss any chance to show their ravishing side. Our premium quality classic lehengas, which are easy to carry and appropriate for every event, are surely going to steal everybody’s attention. Still unsure, whether to have them or not? Then trust us for the same. We ensure the authenticity of our gorgeous lehengas. Also, the pricing of these admirable outfits is also just perfect. So, why wait? Make your net lehenga purchase now!

Net Lehenga Collection At Libaas Queen

Are you the one who loves to have a simple look with your outfit? Or you are the one who knows that you are one of those gorgeous divas who attracts the most of the audience out there? Well, whoever you are, you just name the style and we have it all in our store. Ranging from simple net lehengas and designer net lehengas to embroidered net lehengas and multicolour net lehengas, we cater to it all. Some more variety of net lehengas range in our collection include:

Red Net Lehenga

Red is the colour of flames and beauty! There are ways in which you will be able to bring the missing flame in your life with a timeless net Lehenga which is in the red hue! This colour is also considered to be the colour of romance and hence, often preferred to be worn during the wedding season! Hope that you are looking for something as gorgeous as the red net Lehenga because we are quite sure that you will be able to pull this off!

Yellow Net Lehenga

Brightness is one of the features which is determined by the colour yellow! You can get a yellow net Lehenga for any of the parties which are involving a bright theme. Moreover, if you are going to an Indian wedding party, you can wear a yellow net Lehenga for the Haldi event! No one can be more charming than you with your effortless style with a yellow net Lehenga by Libaas Queen!

Green Net Lehenga

Green depicts freshness in your entire appearance. There are several shades of green which will be able to depict this theme with accuracy. If you are sporting a deep green net Lehenga, you will be able to pair these with a set of diamond earrings. You will need nothing over the top at this moment in order to look like a perfect queen!

Pink Net Lehenga

Femininity is exuberated with the help of the colour pink. It is the colour of baby girls and there are several alluring shades of pink which also complement your complexion. Hope that you already have a pink net Lehenga in your wardrobe in order to make sure that you are not missing your feminine quality at any of the parties. If not, buy one right now!

Multicolour Net Lehenga

If choosing a net Lehenga in a single colour is tough for you, it is best to choose a piece which has multiple colours in it! The multicolour net Lehenga is such a piece of clothing which will never allow you to feel like a fish out of the water at the party! These pieces can be paired with any kind of jewellery in order to get the desired effect of glamour!

Net Lehenga With Combination Colour

When you are bored with a single colour on your clothes, we would suggest you get something which has a combination of some of the bright and some muted colours in them! The net Lehenga pieces which are made from a combination of colours have a different appeal for women because they need very less accessories to go with them! Grab your net Lehenga with a combination colour now.

Mirror Work Net Lehenga

Thinking of going as the diva at the upcoming party? Do you want to shine at this party for others to see? Well, we can help you to do that literally with the mirror work net Lehenga. These Lehenga pieces are made with extreme care and they are quite gorgeous. You can always hope to prove your statement of style with the small and intricate mirror work on the Lehenga skirt!

Velvet and Net Lehenga

Velvet and net together is a very beautiful combination, often preferred by women who are out to show their beauty at any of the wedding parties. You can get a velvet and net Lehenga to meet your requirements! These can be added with a hint of soft rouge on your cheeks and a light shade of lipstick. Even with this little effort, you are going to look like a princess!

Designer Net Lehenga

Designer net Lehenga pieces are becoming quite famous in recent times. Modern designers have looked to design some of the best Lehenga pieces from the ideas from traditional Indian but have fused several fabric pieces from the Western side! Along with this the designer net Lehenga can be worn on various occasions because they are able to fit into any mood!

Ruffled Net Lehenga

Ruffles and folds are what made dresses beautiful and add their weight as well. The ruffled net Lehenga will be quite different from the other types because the lightness of the net will be balanced out with the ruffles. You can go for a bold look with this ruffled net Lehenga at any of the parties that you are going to attend recently! Hope you find your best pick very quickly!

Pastel Coloured Net Lehenga

Choosing to go to one of the parties which are filled with eminent people? It will be for the best if you choose to wear something muted and yet gorgeous so that your presence is noticed! You can get a pastel-coloured net Lehenga which can fit into the body of the wearer flawlessly. The sense of elegance which is provided with this pastel-coloured net Lehenga can never be attained by any other!

Red net Banarasi Lehenga

The red Banarasi net Lehenga always has some big votes on its side because it will be the best thing that you can wear to any wedding! These have been shown in several daily soap series in India as well and this has increased their demand in the market. Do you want to look like the only diva at this party? The combination of net and Banarasi silk will surely allow you to reach the spotlight without any mistakes!

Embroidered net Lehenga

Embroidery is an age-old culture of Indian designers. They have often focused on the embroidery of textiles because these can depict a story which is absent from most other textiles. The embroidered net Lehenga will be a good choice to wear at any formal party because this will show your knowledge about the indigenous designs of your roots! Get the right accessories for the Lehenga skirt because you will certainly look like a doll in this!

Embellished Net Lehenga

How can a party be complete without an embellished net Lehenga in view? Well, marking the true essence of the weavers of India, you can choose to go for an embellished net Lehenga with a minimum makeup look to rule this party with absolute confidence! Pair these with high heels to have a more enhanced look!

Net Lehenga Online India

Getting net lehenga online in India can be quite daunting. What if the quality is not what it seemed in the images? What happens when it doesn’t fit you well? What can I do when you don’t really like the net? Well, you can get answers to all of your questions with Libaas Queen.

From a wide range of net bridal lehenga to the party wear lehenga choli, we have every single style which might suit your mood for the evening!

Net Lehenga Design

Designs of Lehenga for girls on the net will always be something which steals the show from all parties! The net lehenga design is a great choice for any age group because it is somewhat of a timeless fashion style which can be worn during any event! Net lehenga pieces are found in several varieties with Libaas Queen if you are interested to get them for yourself!

Net Lehenga Fabrics

Net lehenga fabric will always be important because it will be essential for showing the brightness and intricacy of the net. The net work will never be clear if it is not etched on the right kind of fabric. You can hope to get the perfect fabric with Libaas Queen. The choice of fabric will never be a hindrance when you are shopping with Libaas Queen.

Net Lehenga For Different Occasions

Our latest net lehengas are perfect for any occasion. Be it a farewell or a reception, you can never go wrong with our amazing net lehenga designs. Just accessorize it accordingly and you are ready to rock the day!

Engagement Or Ring Ceremony

Are you looking for something lightweight yet classic to wear for your engagement day? We at Libaas Queen provides our clients with the best designer net lehenga online for engagement ceremony. Style your overall appearance with diamond or golden jewellery, heels and soothing makeup. Now, you are ready to look snappy!


Worrying about which outfit to splurge on on your D-day? Libaas Queen is here to help you. Our premium collection of net lehenga for weddings can be at your aid. At Libaas Queen, net lehengas are available in bright as well as pastel shades for brides with different tastes. This gorgeous attire is perfect for a wedding ceremony!

Farewell & Office Parties

Not sure how to style yourself up for the upcoming farewell or office event? Libaas Queen is at your service. Pick one from our vast range of formal net lehengas for the event and rock the same. Go for basic jewellery and contrasting clutch bags and heels to balance out everything.

Party Wear

Bored of wearing basic part wear? A net lehenga can be your best pick for the upcoming party vibes! Our net lehengas are suitable for receptions, birthdays, family gatherings and kitty parties. Choose minimal jewellery and pair it with good-looking heels and you are ready for the occasion.

Festive Wear

A gorgeous net lehenga can be your best companion during the entire festive season. You can also mix and match our net lehengas with crop tops, embroidered dupattas and a beautiful pair of heels. You are ready to look all stunning and bold.

How To Choose The Best Jewellery For Your Net Lehenga

If you are planning to wear a net lehenga, then it is important that you select the right jewellery for your outfit. There are many options available in the market today and each one has its unique style. You can choose from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more depending on how you want to be dressed up or down. Let us go through some of these options:

Earrings And Studs: Earrings and studs are a must-have accessory for any net lehenga. You can’t go wrong with silver or gold details, but don’t forget that some colours will pop out more than others. It’s important to choose earrings that are lightweight and delicate so they don’t feel heavy on your ears; also consider the style of your lehenga before choosing whether you want them to match or contrast with it. Comfortable to wear is another important factor; if you would rather not have pierced ears then go for clip-on earrings instead (and make sure they fit!).

If you’re looking for a more traditional Indian look, then stud earrings are the way to go. They come in a variety of materials such as gold, white gold, silver and diamond solitaire. You can also opt for jhumkas or chandbalis—they’re simple but elegant! If you want something that’s both delicate and unique, try crystal earrings. Wear a pair of high heels or flats with the lehenga.

Bracelets And Bangles: Bracelets and bangles are a great way to add some glamour to your lehenga. The gold or silver bracelet should be in line with the length of your net lehenga. If you have a long sleeve, then choose thick bracelets that will make the sleeves appear longer. However, if you have a short sleeve then it’s advisable to go for thin or delicate bracelets so as not to make them appear too bulky on their own.
The same goes for bangles; the more elaborate they are, the better. You can get intricate ones made from glass beads or stones if that’s what tickles your fancy. But again what matters most is how they complement each other when worn together.

Chokers And Necklaces: Choosing the right necklace for your net lehenga is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Don’t choose a choker or necklace that is too long. It will look messy and uncomfortable, especially in front of other ladies who are wearing shorter necklaces. In fact, avoid choosing a choker or necklace that is too short either. If your net lehenga has sleeves, then the length should be just right if you want to show off your arms without exposing any skin.
You don’t want heavy or lightweight jewellery either; these types of materials can cause discomfort after a while when worn for long periods of time so it’s best not to take chances with this type of accessory at all. You are going to look great when you wear these net lehengas. You can wear them at any party and be the centre of attention. The best part is that they are easy to style and don’t require any special clothing accessories to make them look amazing.

Wondering how to carry your lehengas with jewellery? You must go for an elegant hairstyle with your hair up in a bun or ponytail. Wear jewellery on your wrists, ankles and neckline as per your own comfort.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Net Lehengas?

The net lehenga has established itself as an Indian women’s most preferred attire over the span of time. There are many reasons to choose Libaas Queen as a one-stop shop to buy net lehengas such as:

 Price (1795 to 2250)

Our premium quality net lehenga is decently priced. We always ensure to provide good quality products to you and that too at the minimum price. Our net lehenga with price comes with the best rates that are accessible to anyone.


Libaas Queen has been in the market for more than seven years. Our in-house designers as well as the workers are experts in this industry who work tirelessly to provide our beautiful ladies with the best quality products.

Free Shipping & Delivery

Besides providing our clients with the best yet affordable products, we also provide free shipping delivery for our valuable customers. So, just head over to our online shop and make your purchase the best.

Express Shipping & COD Available

Our products get shipped to our customers within a minimum of business days. But, for our customers who need their orders within a few hours of ordering, we provide express shipping.  We also provide Cash On Delivery for our customers as this is the easier way to pay for your purchase.

Book Your Beautiful Net Lehenga From The House Of Libaas Queen

At Libaas Queen, net lehengas are available in a wide range of designs and patterns. Worried about the price? Our entire range of net lehengas is highly affordable. transform yourself into ethereal beauty with our net lehengas.

Why wait for more? Just order your favourite net lehenga from Libaas Queen online store.

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