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Buy Navratri Wear Special Lehenga Online at Libaas Queen

The festive season of Navratri is almost here and it is known to all that Indian festivals are nothing without Indian women adorned in beautiful attires. Be it Navratri or any Indian festival, a traditional dress can never go out of trend. Indian traditional attires can permanently be your finest pick, whether you want to go with a bold look or a minimal look.

Contemporary-day ladies are taking pride in experimenting with their festive outfits. And, in that case, what could be the best option than to pick a beautiful Navratri-wear special lehenga for those 9 nights of Navratri? In Navratris, this is a most appreciated outfit which women love to wear during their dandiya nights.

Any festival in India is a new occasion for women to dress up like absolute queens! Women are always the light of any household and when they are dressed up for the festivals, it looks like the goddesses have descended on earth. This becomes even more true for the event or Navratri! Navratri’s special lehenga choli from Libaas Queen is just another occasion to make sure that the beauty of Indian women is enhanced to perfection. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Navratri-wear special lehenga online from Libaas Queen and be ready to grab the attention of all the people around you.

The Popularity Of Navratri-Wear Special Lehengas In India

Starting its existence in Gujarat, these Navratri-wear special lehengas became famous all over India. The beautiful and colourful attire, made especially for Navratri nights, has not been unknown to any lady out there. Ladies adorning these glamorous Navratri-wear special lehengas during dandiya nights look fabulous. Navratri-wear special lehenga can be found in the wardrobe of any Indian lady. The popularity of these Navratri-wear special lehengas has reached the extent that the celebration of dandiya nights during Navratris will be incomplete without these amazing outfits.

Libaas Queen online store offers a premium quality Navratri-wear special lehenga online for our high-standard customers at a reasonable price. Our Navratri-wear special lehengas go through the most elevated quality inspections before we bring them to our stylish ladies. Thus, we ensure that the authenticity of our beautiful lehengas is always top-notch.

Navratri-Wear Special Lehenga Collection

The essence and versatility of a contemporary Navratri-wear special lehenga design have made it everyoneโ€™s favourite. You can always look up to these easy-to-carry attires and transform yourself into classic chic.

We at Libaas Queen offer a premium Navratri-wear special lehenga range for our clients. Whether you need a single-coloured plain Navratri-wear special lehenga or a colourful Navratri-wear special lehenga, we have it all. Even if you are looking for Navratri-wear special lehengas in different fabrics such as silk, cotton or organza, we have all the fabrics available.

Designer Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Really? Are you going to wear that old piece of lehenga again during this Navratri? Why don’t you try out the designer Navratri-wear lehenga choli to elevate your look like a model? These lehenga choli designs are made in a customised manner and you can ask your designer to get the best possible fit for you! If you are bothered about the overall look, try out less bold looks at first! This will make your entire ensemble quite perfect!

Classic Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Classic Navratri-wear lehenga choli can be altered in different ways in order to ensure that you can wear your favourite piece of lehenga but in a different manner. Of course, the traditional and classic approach of wearing this lehenga can be good enough but you can be satisfied with the older designs! It is best to alter it in ways which can be great for your outlook on fashion!

Embroidered Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Navratri is a festival of lights and pops of colour. The Embroidered Lehenga choli designs are indeed the light of any Navratri party or event because of their brightness and respect towards Indian culture. Wearing the Embroidered Navratri wear lehenga choli is a great way to celebrate your culture and relive the roots of your existence as well through perfection in your fashion sense as well.

Colourful Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Nothing goes bright without a hint of colour in the event! If you are planning to turn the eyes of all guests towards yourself in this Navratri season, it is best to get a colourful Navratri-wear lehenga choli. There are several colours which can be mixed and matched together in order to ensure that the overall design is unique. No one can stop you from being the diva at the event when you are looking to wear the colourful Navratri lehenga choli.

Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli With Contrast Colour

Contrasting colours are the life of any party. You can wear something plain and with a single colour but the moment you are adding contrast to this look, you will be something different! The Navratri-wear lehenga choli with contrast colour is so famous in recent times because most women have started to embrace the concept of this colour in this era!

Red and Green Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

There are some colours of Navratri which should never be lost from the actual theme, no matter how modern you might have become. The red and green Navratri lehenga choli will be a great choice for this puja season because you will be able to complement this with the bright gold or silver jewellery that you already have without having to make much change. The skirt of this lehenga choli might have a train sometimes which makes the dress even more pretty.

Heavy Border Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Getting a lehenga choli is the easy part. Have you ever thought about how you can determine a lehenga choli to be pretty enough to make you feel like a bold diva? Well, the heavy border Navratri lehenga choli will be a perfect choice for this. The designs of this lehenga choli will always be a great addition to your closet and you can pick this outfit for any event that you like! The heavy border will be a great addition to your elegant look for the evening!

Organza Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

As we have said a million times before, organza is a great material to make any kind of Indian clothes because it emanates a certain sense of royalty which is absent from other textiles. There are organza-based Navratri lehenga choli styles which have come up in fashion because not only these are trendy to wear but they also allow the skin to breathe. The organza Navratri-wear lehenga choli pieces are always very comfy to wear for any occasion.

Georgette Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Getting a georgette Navratri lehenga choli will always be the best thing that you do in terms of fashion! Your closet desperately needs a georgette lehenga because it will set the tone for the entire party. If you are planning to steal the spotlight at this Navratri with something really glamorous, you can get a georgette Navratri-wear lehenga choli set and make sure that you have paired it with the right jewellery!

Silk Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Silk lehenga cholis are always very flowy and feminine. The Navratri-wear lehenga choli sets which are found in silk are considered to be a royal design! You can ditch your plain old lehenga and even your saree designs for this silk Lehenga Choli. No one will be able to take your place as a queen at this party when you are up and ready with the silk Navratri-wear lehenga choli.

Patola Print Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Prints are always included in the textile history of India. There are certain colours which are printed on the base of textiles to make sure that the unique design is found nowhere other than in this single textile! The patola print Navratri-wear lehenga choli is kind of similar. The design is very intricate and the print speaks about your knowledge of Indian fashion styles. You can get one of these for the party season this year because you will look extremely elegant with this minimalistic style.

Mirror Work Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Bored with the regular saree taking hold of every party? Want to go for something different yet glamorous? Well, your mirror work Navratri lehenga choli is here to save the day. With little jewellery and perfect stilettos, you will not be deprived of attention at the party where you will be wearing this. The mirror work Navratri lehenga choli is made with extreme care and you should never give up an opportunity to wear this for any event!

Classic Ruffle Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Classic ruffles are marks that a dress is suited for the present generation to wear! The classic ruffle Navratri lehenga choli has been found to be a smart choice because it allows unrestricted movement for the wearer. There is no way in which you might go wrong with the classic ruffle Navratri lehenga choli. This Navratri, you can choose to wear this extraordinarily trendy new lehenga for all of your relatives to stare and wonder at your fashion sense!

Jacket-Style Navratri-Wear Lehenga Choli

Nothing in the modern fashion world is complete with a jacket on the side. Yes, you have heard it right! We are asking you to go for a bright, multicoloured and mirror-based jacket for this Navratri! Trust us! No one will be able to come close to your fashion sense with this jacket and you will definitely be elevated as the fashion queen at this party!

Navratri Special Lehenga Choli Online

Getting a Navratri special lehenga choli online can be a bit scary. After all, it is your outfit for this festival season. You can’t really afford for it to go wrong on a special day. It is best that you get your Navratri special lehenga from Libaas Queen because we are very careful about your choices and the type of product that you might be receiving this festival season!

Navratri Special Lehenga Choli Design

A perfect lehenga choli Navratri special will always be a great addition to your festival colours. Libaas Queen has made sure that women from every single age group and size will find their dream lehenga with us! We are looking into the trendier designs which are ruling the market at the moment! This has already brought us some loyal and staple customers! We are hoping for you to join the chase!

Navratri Special Lehenga Fabrics

Getting the right fabric for your Navratri special lehenga is very important. What are you leaning towards? Are you looking for designs which are comfortable rather than high-end fashion? Or are you ready to bear some discomfort when you are getting fashion ideas?

Don’t worry! We have fabric for both in the collection of Libaas Queen.ย  If you are worried about any kind of fashion emergency, you will be able to get the lehenga in the fabric of your choice with Libaas Queen.

Navratri-Wear Special Lehenga For Navratri Events

Our latest Navratri special lehenga designs are perfect for any Navratri night. Be it Durga puja or those lovely dandiya nights, you can never go wrong with our Navratri special lehenga design. Just accessorize the lehenga accordingly and you are ready to rock the day! For a minimal look, wear your hair in a big bun with golden jewellery and matching nail paint and stilettoes for the event and you are ready to glow!

A Navratri special lehenga can be your ideal partner in this Navratri season. For that bold look, mix and match our Navratri special lehenga with a silver top and embroidered dupatta and you will surely look most beautiful. Go for dark lips and bold makeup on dandiya nights. Match your outfit with your purse and heels and Volla, you are done.

Align Your Navratri Lehenga With The Nine colours of Navratri

Navratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in India and Nepal. It is one of the most important festivals of Hindus, where women wear nine different types of lehengas on these nine days. Navratri is a complete way to express respect for your mother and all mothers through wearing their favourite colours.

The nine colours of Navratri are very sacred and each colour has a specific meaning and significance. So now we will discuss the significance behind wearing these colour lehenga on specific days.

Day 1: Yellow

On the first day, you can wear a yellow coloured lehenga. Yellow is the colour of courage and bravery, happiness and joy, hope and optimism, harmony and peace. It also represents friendship, love and intellect. On this day you should wear a yellow Navratri lehenga that has an elegant border along with a long trail of fabric falling down from one shoulder to another shoulder or backside or even going straight through the midriff if so desired! You can also wear an anklet on your right leg which will help you look graceful while walking around town on this special occasion.

Day 2: Green

The second day of Navratri is devoted to the goddess Durga, who symbolises nature and fertility. On this day, you can wear an outfit that reflects these themes. You may want to consider wearing a green Navratri lehenga choli along with a blouse or shirt in another colour (perhaps red). You can also choose a green Navratri lehenga that is made from natural fabrics like cotton or silk. These will be easy to maintain and carry throughout the entire day.

Day 3: Brown

The third day of Navratri is celebrated with an outfit that is coloured brown. The dress consists of a lehenga and an elaborate dupatta, which has been made of light cotton fabric. A beautiful brown Navratri lehenga is what that can be worn by women during this festival. It can also be worn on any other day of the year to have that traditional look.

Day 4: Orange

On the fourth day of Navratri, you can wear an orange lehenga. Orange is the colour of victory, power and energy. It also represents passion and desire for life which makes it a perfect choice for this auspicious occasion. The orange colour has been associated with courage and determination as well, making it one of the most popular colours to wear on this festive occasion! On the fourth day of Navratri, wear a stunning orange Navratri lehenga to get the perfect look of royalty.

Day 5: White

On the fifth day, you can wear a white Navratri lehenga. White symbolises purity, peace and righteousness. It is also known as the colour of new beginnings and fresh starts. On this day you should wear something that makes you feel good about yourself in order to get rid of all your negative thoughts towards yourself or others around you. A white Navratri lehenga will do wonders for your confidence levels!

Day 6: Red

The colour red is associated with passion, fire, courage and valour. It also stands for blood and martyrdom, love and romance. Red symbolises anger as well as aggression. This can be seen in the form of an angry look or a passionate kiss on the lips of your spouse when you are trying to impress them with your passion for them. Wondering what to wear on the sixth day of Navratri? Try out the gorgeous red Navratri lehenga from the house of Libaas Queen.

Day 7: Blue

On the seventh day of Navratri, you can wear an eyecatching blue Navratri lehenga to celebrate the peace and tranquillity that Blue brings. The colour represents water, sky and ocean as well. It is also known as the colour of oceans, lakes and seas; itโ€™s a soothing shade that makes you feel at ease with yourself!

Day 8: Pink

On the eighth day of Navratri, you can proudly wear a stunning pink Navratri lehenga. Pink is the colour of love and affection, it symbolizes passion and joy. Pink also represents innocence, romance and beauty in women’s life. Pinkโ€™s colour is sacred to many cultures across the globe like India, China and Japan etc., who believe that wearing this colour brings good luck to them throughout their lifetime. Itโ€™s believed that wearing this beautiful shade will enhance your personality as well as make you look more attractive to others around you!

Day 9: Purple

On the ninth day, it is believed that women should wear a beautiful purple Navratri lehenga. This colour also has spiritual and mystical values in it. It represents royalty, spirituality, mysticism and power. The colour gives an impression of mystery and magic which attracts men towards them very much.

The Navratri special Lehenga is the perfect outfit for someone who wants to be a part of the nine-day festivities. It can also be worn for any occasion, including weddings and parties. The best part is that they all are available at Libaas Queen online store.

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