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Bollywood Style Lehenga

Alluring Designer Baby Pink C…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Digital Print Lehengas

Alluring Multi Coloured Taffet…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Digital Print Lehengas

Alluring White Color Floral Pr…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Bollywood Style Lehenga

Alluring Yellow Taffeta Silk F…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Bollywood Style Lehenga

Aromatic Blue Floral Georgett…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Digital Print Lehengas

Aromatic Lavender Georgette S…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Digital Print Lehengas

Aromatic Green Organza Flower …

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Bollywood Style Lehenga

Attractive Multi Colour Party …

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.
Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Bollywood Style Lehenga

Awesome Blue Organza Silk Digi…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Bollywood Style Lehenga

Beautiful White Color Satin S…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Bollywood Style Lehenga

Beautiful Cream Taffeta Silk M…

Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.
Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.
Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.
Original price was: ₹6,623.Current price is: ₹2,649.

Buy Stylish Multi-Colour Lehanga Online at Libaas Queen

When it comes down to it, traditional attire is perfect. Sarees and lehengas have a certain allure to them for the person who wears them. These traditional outfits come in a wide variety of styles. When it comes to selecting appropriate outfits for important events, lehengas have long been a hot preference.

Lifestyles have changed, as have preferences and fashion, but the adoration for this stunning gown has not. The popularity of the multi-colour lehenga has actually grown, whether it is among brides seeking bridal lehengas or among women of all ages and social groups who attend weddings. Lehengas continue to be popular for cultural, and traditional celebrations such as weddings, festivals, and similar occasions.

Stylish Multi-Colour Lehanga By Libaas Queen

The fashion world is continuously changing. The new age demands more experimentation. But, even though everybody is busy experimenting with their looks and fits, the old charm of a classic lehenga can never get out of style. Well, a lot of experimentation is visible here too, but a classic touch of gorgeousness is what everybody needs for this upcoming festive season. Be it festivals like Diwali or house parties and engagements, nothing can beat the gorgeousness and elegance of a multi-colour lehenga.

A must-have in everyone’s closet, this classic piece of sheer elegance can be your best pick for any occasion! Be it a sunny morning event or a blingy night party, this magnificent piece can never fail. Whether you are someone who loves to play it safe or loves to look a tad bit extra, an elegant multi-colour lehenga choli can always add that extra oomph to your looks and fits. An eye-catcher for everyone present, you just need to accessorize it the right way with pieces of jewellery and bags and shoes, and Woah! You rock girl!

We at Libaas Queen have introduced a wide range of multi-colour lehenga choli for our clients pan India. Easy to carry and suitable for every occasion, these premium quality traditional fits are surely going to steal everybody’s attention! Still not sure if you should get them. Well, the authenticity of our products is what has made us rule the fashion industry. Need more? The pricing is also perfect! They are premium pieces manufactured keeping in mind the price point. They are quite affordable on the pocket.

Range Of Multi-Colour Lehenga Collection

Are you someone who likes to go all minimal and simple with your outfits? Or do you count yourself as one of those gorgeous fashion divas who like to add an extra quirky touch to your fits? Well, whoever you are and whatever vibes with you, you just name it and we have it in our store for you. Ranging from simple multi-colour lehenga to one-of-a-kind gorgeousness in a fit, we cater to it all.

Our premium quality yet affordable multi-colour lehenga online will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Why wear basic fashion when you can get your hands on chic and elegant multi-coloured lehenga designs at an affordable price? Head out to our online shopping store and give yourself and your close ones today a box full of happiness and colours and style yourself to the latest trends! Buy multi-colour lehenga online from Libaas Queen at an affordable price and be the diva you always manifested about!

Multi-Colour Lehenga Choli

The sheer elegance and grace of a beautiful multi-colour lehenga can never go out of style. The versatility and gorgeousness of a multi-colour lehenga design can never be matched. Being super easy to carry and style, the multi-colour lehenga online is a must-have for every woman. Whether you vibe with minimalistic designs or love to go that extra step to look all glam, a gorgeous piece of the latest multi-colour lehenga can never fail you.

If you are confused about what to wear for a festive event or wedding night party, just pick up a simple multi-colour lehenga and pair it up with a solid-coloured crop top blouse. Accessorize yourself with junk pieces of jewellery and clutches and voila! You are ready to snatch the light! We at Libaas Queen have introduced a wide range of multi-colour lehenga designs for our clients to choose from at an affordable rate. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our online store and Buy multi-colour lehenga online for yourself and ace the day!

Latest Multi-colour lehenga

Bored of wearing basic multi-colour lehenga? Are you in search of something chic yet trendy multi-colour lehenga for mehendi? Want to experiment with your look a tad bit? We hear you! At Libaas Queen, you will get access to all the latest multi-colour lehenga that will be a perfect pick for the mehendi ceremony.

Starting from lace detailing to zari intricacy, to frill details, you name it and we have it. Confused about how to style it? We’re here to help you. Style the latest multi-colour lehenga with some minimal bohemian pieces and contrasting clutch bags and pumps! Pro tip: Get ready for all the beautiful comments for your bold choice!

Simple Multi-Colour Lehenga

Want to keep everything simple yet fashionable? Want to look trendy yet minimal? Confused about what to choose for morning events like the Haldi ceremony? Well, the grace and charm of a simple multi-colour lehenga can be your best companion in this. Super easy to carry, these simple multi-colour lehengas are best for sunny mornings.

Available in different nude and pastel shades, these classic pieces are surely eye-catcher. If you want to jazz up your look a bit, try wearing oversized earrings and pair them up with oversized Bohemian colourful clutches and Woah! You are done. Wear your hair in a high sleek bun with a no-makeup makeup look and slay the event. 

Designer Multi-Colour Lehenga

Want something bold for your aesthetic self? Well, we’ve got your back. Our premium range of designer multi-colour lehenga from the house of renowned designers is enough to melt your heart. Available in different shades from bold red to pretty pink to sap green, there is something for everyone. Buy premium quality yet affordable multi-colour lehenga with price and style comfort!

Gujarati Multi-Colour Lehenga

Want to style yourself to the trendiest fits but also want to wrap yourself up In the Indian traditions? Well, what can be better than a gorgeous Gujarati multi-colour lehenga? We at Libaas Queen provide our clients with the best premium quality yet affordable Gujarati multi-colour lehenga in different shades and hues.

Be it the gorgeous combination of yellow red and black or blue pink and green, we have it all. Buy multi-colour lehenga online from Libaas Queen at a cheap price and be the talk of the town.

Heavy Multi-Colour Lehenga

Want something heavy and gorgeous for night parties and wedding events? Want to experiment with colours and design details? A heavy multi-colour lehenga with sequin and zari intricacy can be your best pick for this festive season.

Ranging from pastel pinks to naughty reds, we have a beautiful collection of heavy multi-colour lehenga to suit different occasions. Style them with minimal jewellery to balance out the look. Go for a glowy makeup base and juicy lips for that trendy look and voila! You are ready to steal the show!

Rajasthani Multi-Colour Lehenga

Want to play it bold? A classic Rajasthani multi-colour lehenga is what you need to adorn yourself in boldness. Made with comfortable fabric that is easy to carry yet looks expensive and beautiful, these classic pieces are perfect to wear for reception events and farewell parties.

Team up with a plain crop top and wear hair in a braid for that added oomph to the outfit. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our store and buy a multi-colour lehenga for a wedding at the best price!

Light Multi-Colour Lehenga 

Want something very lightweight yet stylish for the upcoming festivities? Choose a classic light multi-colour lehenga to adorn yourself in sheer elegance. Manufactured with the comfiest material which is easy peasy to carry, these light multi-colour lehanga can be worn to any occasion.

Be it a morning event or a blingy night party, these pieces of traditional fit can always be your best choice. Available in various shades ranging from sweet lilac to sunshine yellow to bold red, we have it all. Pair them with colourful juttis and you are good to go! 

3 Shade Multi-Colour Lehenga 

Do you live for colours? Want to play with different gorgeous shades in a single fit? Well, we at Libaas Queen are your one-stop destination for the 3 shade multi-colour lehenga. Ranging from a combination of bold and nude shades like blue black and white or red, black and green, we have them all.

You do not need to worry about comfort as they are manufactured with comfortable fabrics that will not sit harshly on your skin. The sheer elegance of this embroidered detailing of traditional pieces will have you glowing with beauty. Get your hands on these today from Libaas Queen and style yourself in grace! 

Multi Color Banarasi Lehanga

The classic charm of a banarasi saree can never get out of style. But, in today’s fast-paced world, who cares to style a heavy banarasi saree? So, keeping all these factors in mind, we have manufactured multi-colour banarasi lehenga for our clients who want to wear the Indian traditional fits but with a touch of comfort!

Available in different shades, they are perfect for wedding events and reception ceremonies. Buy multi-colour wedding lehenga in banarasi designs from Libaas Queen and transform yourself into an ethereal beauty!

Multi-Colour Lehanga Choli For Garba 

Garba season is incomplete without gorgeous  Multi-colour lehenga choli and dancing to the beats of traditional music. Wear our premium range of multi-colour lehenga choli for Garba and bring life to the festival with your Royal presence.

These regal attires are perfect for festivities like Garba. Pair them up with colourful bangles and maang tika with a small bindi and chandelier earrings and Woah! You go, girl! Buy a multi-colour lehenga choli for Garba from us at Libaas Queen from the comfort of your home and look effortlessly graceful this festive season.

Multi-Colour Printed Lehanga

Printed lehengas are the new trend in the fashion industry. Starting from designers to influencers, everybody is flaunting their curves in the beautiful multi-colour printed lehenga. They are comfortable yet supremely gorgeous. Suitable for night events like wedding events, they can be worn during mornings too with a bit of twist.

You can wear a multi-colour printed lehenga with a pastel-shaded corset top and a light embroidered dupatta for sunny mornings. Go for nude makeup and sleek hair for the day. Buy multi-colour lehenga online from Libaas Queen and style the comfort.

Multi Color Raw Silk Lehenga Skirt

Brides nowadays are experimenting a lot with their outfits. Gone are the days when a classic red saree was the only option for the brides. Today’s era of experimentation has made way for beautiful brides to style themselves in ethnic dresses with a soft touch of comfort. What can be a better option than a gorgeous multi-colour raw silk lehenga skirt for the big day? The sheer elegance and beauty of raw silk cannot be matched with anything else.

When this classic material is used in the making of multi-colour new designer wedding lehengas with prices, it surely becomes a stunner! Our premium quality multi-colour raw silk lehenga Skirt is available in different shades to choose from. If you want to style yourself in a little boldness, try going for a strapless crop top and heavily embroidered dupatta for the added jazz.

Lehengas have a youthful look and are feminine. While sarees can be used to glam up a look or make one appear classy, and salwar suits can be rather formal or conventional, it is only the gorgeous lehenga that can make one look energetic and younger than her age. They suit all body shapes well. 

An illusion of an hourglass is produced by the exposed or constricted midriff, which marks the transition between the choli and lehenga. It lengthens, lengthens, and improves the wearer’s overall profile. A fantastic example of a Fusion Multi-Colour Lehenga is the lehenga, which has a skirt-like silhouette. The equivalent of bohemian, flowy skirts can be created by fiddling with the blouses and bodices.

Tips For Looking Thinner In A Lehenga

You must be aware that the camera occasionally behaves like a bullet that can strike you from virtually any angle. Therefore, it is advised that you take all possible measures to make yourself appear better and thinner. Here are several easy ways to look slimmer in one of the prettiest traditional dresses, a lehenga.

Be mindful of the fabric and colour you select

The first and most crucial tip is to choose the proper fabric for your lehenga choli. When purchasing fabric for a lehenga that will be stitched, exercise caution. When purchasing a ready-made lehenga, the fabric is the first thing you should consider.

If you are a tiny woman, you can wear a raw silk lehenga choli. However, if you have a larger body, you should choose a material such as a georgette. Also, choose a darker and solid-coloured fabric because dark colours create the illusion of a smaller figure when compared to light hues. Try wearing a deep red, black, burgundy, maroon, or velvet lehenga instead of white or yellow. 

Slimming Lehenga with Kalis or Panels

The vertical line principle also applies to the selection of Lehenga styles. With numerous kali techniques, your lehenga will appear stretched and will make your lower torso appear thinner. Your lehenga can be A-line or full flared, but Kali is a necessity if you want to look thinner. To provide balance, choose lehengas with embroidery that has little, dispersed motifs or lengthy, expanding designs.

To appear slimmer, use the choli pattern and style.

A lengthier choli that covers your waistline and gives you an even tone can make you look slimmer when worn with a bridal lehenga. You can conceal your tummy or love handles with peplum cholis or a mid-waist blouse instead of an upper waistband. Long sleeves are regarded to provide a slimmer look along with elbow sleeves, and a V-neck can also prolong your neckline face-cut.

Multi-Colour Lehanga For Different Occasions 

Our latest multi-colour lehenga is perfect for any occasion. Be it a farewell party or a reception event, you can never go wrong with our multi-coloured lehenga designs. Just accessorize it accordingly and you are ready to rock the day!

Engagement Or Ring Ceremony

Want something easy to carry yet gorgeous multi-coloured lehenga designs to jazz up your engagement or ring ceremony? Looking for something lightweight yet classic piece to wear for your engagement day? Well, we at Libaas Queen provides our clients with the best designer multi-colour lehenga for engagement or ring ceremony. They are easy to carry everywhere, so you do not need to worry about feeling heavy on your body. Style them with diamond or oxidised jewellery and Smokey eyes with nude lips and you are ready to look snappy!


Confused about what to pick for your D-day? Worrying about which outfit to splurge on? Well, we are here to help you. Our premium collection of multi-colour lehenga for weddings can be your best friend in this. Available in both bright and pastel shades for brides with different tastes, they are comfortable to carry around. This gorgeousness in a dress is perfect for a wedding ceremony and looks effortlessly chic yet beautiful. Wear your hair in a big bun with silver jewellery and matching nagrai for the big day and you are ready to glow!


Is your farewell next month? Not sure how to style yourself up for the big occasion? Libaas Queen is at your service. Pick from our wide range of premium simple multi-colour lehenga for the big occasion and rock the event. Go for simple jewellery and contrasting clutch bags to balance out everything. So, what are you waiting for? Shop multi-colour lehenga online from us at Libaas Queen and transform yourself into ethereal beauty.

Party Wear

Bored of wearing basic part wear? Want to jazz up your look a bit? A multi-colour printed lehenga can be your best pick for the party vibes! Suitable for reception parties and birthday parties, these are the perfect eye-catching piece that is a must-have in your wardrobe. Go for a muted lip and glowy makeup base to get the birthday skin! Look for minimal jewellery and pair it with beautiful heels and you are ready!

Festive Wear 

A gorgeous heavy multi-colour lehenga can be your best friend in this festive season. Mix and match our multi-colour lehenga with strapless crop tops or bustier tops and embroidered dupatta and you are ready to look all gorgeous and bold. Go for dark lips and bold makeup for this festive season. Match your outfit with your bag and Woah! You are done!

Tips To Keep In Mind While Wearing Stylish Multi-Colour Lehenga

Making sure you purchase the right lehenga that suits you the most is not easy, as there are so many different styles and types of lehenga from which you can choose. You will be overwhelmed by the various neck designs, sleeve designs, patterns, etc. So, here are three main tips you can easily remember that might come in handy.

Make sure it is the right size

Do not wear a Multi-Colour too tight or too loose. Make sure the sleeve length is perfect. 

Choose the right fabric

Selecting a fabric that sticks to your body is not the right option. In order to avoid this, go with materials like cotton, silk cotton or other fabrics that blend with silk. Choose fabrics that are stiffer in nature. You can make use of netted materials as well.

Longer neck piece

It is best to avoid chokers and short necklaces if you prefer a slimmer look. Go for longer necklaces with several layers or rows so that they might cover part of your torso and give a slimmer look. 

Keep in mind all these three things while selecting a Multi-Colour lehenga so that you will be able to choose the right one.

How To Choose A Multi-Coloured Lehenga?

Selecting the ideal Lehengas choli for yourself that will naturally enhance your beauty and give you a ravishing and lovely look may be made easier by paying attention to a few basic elements.

On the basis of shape

The first and most important consideration while purchasing a designer lehenga for yourself is the shape and cut of the lehenga. Although the classic cut of a lehenga choli is a circular cut lehenga with broad flare and enormous volume, several pleats towards the waist, and paired with a short-sleeved choli. However, contemporary designer lehenga cholis are available in a wide variety of designs and cuts, so it is advisable to select one that complements your body type.

On the basis of complexion

Dark and rich colours like scarlet, vermillion, deep blue, deep green, maroon, and black are appropriate for women with a very pale complexion. Fair-skinned people can dress in muted hues like pink, blue, pastel yellow, white, and beige. Dusky-skinned women can dress in warm, rich hues like orange, gold, brown, and various tones of grey or green. Women with dark undertones should dress in light hues such as yellow and blue, as well as pure red and bright green.

Embroidery and ornamentation

Another factor to consider while selecting a designer lehenga or designer lehenga saree is the embroidery and ornamentation on the garment. Although heavily embroidered lehengas create a regal aspect and are ideal for the bride on her wedding day, if you are not the bride, it is preferable to stick to simple and minimalistic embroidery or zari work, which adds a sense of elegance and charm to the overall ensemble.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Multi-Colour Lehenga? 

Crank your normal lehenga costume into a trendy multicoloured lehenga suit, or dress it down by matching it with a waist-length Kurti – turn on the heat in a backless choli, or go the coy way with long, regal jackets. Nothing prevents you from getting creative while decorating it as creatively as possible. In fact, many Bollywood music videos feature an actress dressed in a gorgeous Indian lehenga. The lehenga has established itself as an Indian bride’s preferred attire over the years. There are numerous reasons to choose Libaas Queen: 

Price (1795 to 2250)

Our premium quality multi-colour lehenga choli is decently priced for our priceless clients. Our mission is to provide good quality products to our customers at an affordable price. Our multi-colour lehenga with price comes with cheap rates that are accessible to anyone. Available in different shades, these affordable pieces are the best for anyone looking for premium quality dresses at cheap prices.

Free Shipping And Delivery All Over India

Besides providing our clients with the best yet affordable products, we also provide free shipping and pan-India delivery for our valuable customers. You just need to head over to our online store and shop accordingly from the comfort of your home. We assure you your products will reach safely to you without you having to pay extra for shipping. 

COD Available

We also provide Cash On Delivery for our customers as this is the easier way to pay for your purchase. 

Express Shipping

Our products get shipped to our customers within 7-8 business days. But, for our customers who need their orders within a few hours of ordering, we provide express shipping. 


We have been in the market for six years, since 2016. Our in-house designers And workers are experts in this industry who work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best products. 

The fact that lehengas are available in a wide range of designs and hues is another appealing quality. Thanks to current technologies and social media, lehengas are becoming even more individualised. Why wait for more? Just order your favourite multi-colour lehenga from the house of Libaas Queen.

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