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Buy Lehenga Sarees Online at Libaas Queen

Lehenga Sarees scream a beautiful amalgamation of two ethnic clothing styles of India- the beautiful and gorgeous designs and details of a regal Lehenga are woven and embossed carefully into the graceful sarees to serve the hottest contemporary fashion trends. These beautiful drapes have created a safe space for themselves in modern Indian fashion. The sheer elegance and the pure charm of a Lehenga Saree have made us all fall for it, and we are not complaining!

Although it is true that no outfit in the world can match the pure essence and charm of traditional sarees, the all-new Lehenga Saree has made a special place in everyone’s wardrobe. From beautiful prints to a wide spectrum of colour options and comfortable fabrics, Lehenga Sarees have been in trend for quite some time now. What makes it more lovable by modern Indian beauties is that, unlike traditional Indian Sarees, the modern Lehenga Sarees do not ask for pleats. Instead, it comprises a flared skirt at the bottom, with a beautiful blouse and a gorgeous choli to flaunt your curves in the perfect way! Gone are the days of pleats which get stuck under shoes, now you can easily flaunt Indian ethnic fashion without the added hassle!

If you are willing to experience the best of both worlds, a gorgeous Lehenga Saree should be your best friend for the next event. Now give a glamorous makeover to your traditional Indian fashion with the latest drapes and designs of a beautiful Lehenga Saree. From blingy velvets to Royal silks to contemporary Georgettes and brocades, there is something for everyone.

The Rising Demand And Trend For Lehenga Sarees In India

The true essence and charm of a timelessly classic Indian traditional Saree can never be matched. But, we all must agree to the fact that carrying a gorgeous Traditional saree is not very easy. To ease our problems, the Indian designers came up with a unique outfit which beautifully combines the true essence of a traditional drape into a modern clothing style. The beautiful Lehenga Sarees came into the limelight! Comprising a heavily flared bottom with a monotone blouse paired with a dupatta, the Modern Lehenga Sarees have instantly become a major hit in the Indian fashion industry.

Modern Indian women these days are opting for everything comfortable and lightweight. And what can be a better outfit to hop around than a lightweight Lehenga Saree? Available in a wide spectrum of colours in a variety of prints and designs, these ravishing Indian apparel are slowly taking over the Indian fashion industry. From the stellar craftsmanship to the classic designs and details, more and more women these days are switching to Lehenga Sarees ditching the conventional Traditional Sarees!

New experiments with Indian ethnic fashion have also brought a shift in the preferences of Indian women towards clothing styles. Gone are the days when ethnic wear only translated to a gorgeous saree. Modern Indian women are opting for alternatives to the traditional Sarees which have fueled the demand for Lehenga Sarees in India.

Our Range Of Lehenga Sarees

We at Libaas Queen have brought to you a wide range of Lehenga Sarees for all our customers at a very reasonable price. From heavy embellishments to gorgeous sequins and floral motifs that are carefully woven into a wide variety of fabrics, there is something for everyone. From the old-world silks to the timelessly classic zardosi to the contemporary ruffles and satin fabrics, We at Libaas Queen have curated an exclusive collection of Lehenga Sarees for our customers to choose from accordingly! You can now choose from a wide variety of colours as well. From fiery reds to pastel pinks and sunshine yellows to earthy browns, we have it all sorted for you

From bridal collections to beautiful Lehenga Sarees for bridesmaids to party fits, Libaas Queen can be your one-stop solution for all your contemporary fashion apparel. Head over to our online store today and shop your hearts out for the upcoming festival season.

Floral Printed Lehenga Saree

Are you planning to go a bit more feminine than usual this wedding season? Fear now because you will always have the option of a good old floral printed lehenga to bring you to the limelight. It might seem boring at first but paired with the right heels and perfect jewellery, you can be quite sure that this floral printed lehenga saree will be the one to make you the star of the party.

Ruffled Fusion Lehenga Saree

Taffetas and ruffles are the beauties of any kind of traditional dress. The ruffled fusion lehenga saree is one of the Indo-western costumes which you can wear with style and ditch your regular lehenga saree for! What use will be your plain lehenga when you have this beautifully coloured ruffled lehenga in your wardrobe, ready for any party?

Perfect Red Wedding Lehenga Saree

They say that a perfect bride is marked with the perfect wedding attire! We agree that it is not always about the dress but when the dress is a perfect red wedding lehenga saree, you don’t have to think twice about it! This dress is going to mark your presence in the room and you are going to love it. Have some diamond jewellery? Pair them up immediately!

Gujarati Embroidery Wedding Lehenga Saree

Regional sarees which speak about the culture of a place are indeed the ones to yearn for. The Gujarati Embroidery Wedding Lehenga sarees can be worn not only during this wedding party season but can be wrapped up in care and used for other parties as well. These sarees have found multiple uses in the wardrobe because they can be styled in multiple ways. Still, waiting? Get one for yourself now!

Pink Bridal Lehenga Saree

Feminine charm can be added with several colours and shades but none of these can compete with pink. The blushing bride will always be complemented by the pink bridal lehenga saree. This can be added with a touch of contrast-coloured blouse for a bold look and the designers might make use of statement jewellery to bring out the rebel in the bride!

Contrast Coloring Lehenga Saree

Contrast colours are always the ones which will drag your attention from other clothes. Contrast colours will always be paired with oxidized or silver jewellery to make them better than ever! The contrast colouring Lehenga sarees are paired with dazzling stilettos for better shine and perfection. What more do you want other than all eyes on you on a special day?

Peacock Motif Lehenga Saree

The use of bright violet and green in any lehenga saree can help to increase luminosity and depth! This makes the saree very attractive and an absolute choice for any formal or informal event. This peacock motif lehenga saree will always be the rockstar of any party because you are going to look absolutely unique in this!

White and Gold Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Are you bored with the regular pieces of lehenga which will be spotted on someone else on the other side of the party? Well, then this is the right time to pick a white and gold contemporary lehenga saree. Planning to go as a diva? Just lace up your hair with pins and touch up your face with a little bit of gold glitter. We can assure you that your look cannot be compared with anyone else around!

Lace Bordered Lehenga Saree

A Lace bordered lehenga saree is a must in your wardrobe if you are interested in some fusion-based traditional attires. The dainty lace on the border will give your lehenga a very feminine look! Lehenga sarees are always the belle of the ball and you can always keep them as a resort for an emergency party for the best attire!

Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Are you more inclined towards Western attires rather than Indian ones? Is it that you are not willing to leave your Indian roots as well? Well, we have the perfect solution to your dilemma. You can try out the gown-style lehenga saree for the perfect blend of the two designs. This saree will have the flair of the gown but the intricacies of Indian fabric. Don’t wait, get your order now!

Border Lehenga Saree

Thinking is setting a different statement for this new party! Well, the border lehenga saree will always be your best friend. Ditching aside the regular saree with boring borders is now the trend with border lehenga saree. Style your look with wooden jewellery that will match the embroidery on the border of this saree. Come back to let us know about the compliments you have received for this ensemble!

Loose pallu lehenga style saree

Pulling around the pallu tightly is no longer in fashion. A bit of a loose pallu with the lehenga saree which will allow your curves to show themselves in full glory should be the one that you are choosing as your final outfit! These Sarees are now coming in various colours and hues. Get one which will suit your complexion the best and get to know the right jewellery for this. Did you want to be the eye candy? Well, you have got this now with the loose pallu lehenga saree.

A-shaped lehenga Saree

Surely you have heard of A-line skirts which are indeed some of the best-fitted office wear that you will ever find. Now imagine the perfectly hugging skirt contour with a saree! Doesn’t it look good? Doesn’t it look trendy? Well, with the A-shaped lehenga saree, you can get this perfect hourglass look that too in a timeless manner. With classic and fusion touches, A-shaped lehenga sarees are rocking the present market!

We Have Lehenga Sarees For All Occasions

We at Libaas Queen have brought to you a wide range of gorgeous and ravishing Lehenga Saree for you to choose from accordingly. If you want to add a glam quotient to your outfit, these beautiful Lehenga Sarees should be your first choice! From wedding wear to engagement outfits to party fits, we have it all!

Wedding Lehenga Sarees

Our wedding Lehenga Sarees in a wide variety of fabrics will surely make you want them all. From monotone shades to beautiful bright colour palettes, we have a wide variety of wedding Lehenga Sarees for beautiful would-be brides. From Banarasi zari work to beautiful thread works and Zardosi to nets, these Lehenga Sarees are beautifully designed to celebrate the new trends in fashion!

Engagement Lehenga Sarees

Traditional Lehengas and Shararas have become too boring to be worn for engagement parties. Ditch the age-old heavily embellished Lehengas for your engagement and opt for a floral Lehenga Saree to serve the ultimate bride goal. Opt for artificial floral jewellery with a no-makeup makeup look and slay anywhere you go. If you want to look a little extra on your ring ceremony, you can also team up a beautiful ruffle Lehenga saree with statement accessories to complete your entire look.

Party Lehenga Sarees

You can also choose our Lehenga Sarees to wear at parties. A stunning net Lehenga saree, paired with statement earrings and a contrasting clutch bag is all you need to set the stage on fire! You can even get your hands on our exclusive organza Lehenga saree to serve the ultimate fashion goals.

Festival Lehenga Sarees

Indian festivals and ethnic fashion go hand in hand. But, if you want to try out something new for this festival season, you should get your hands on our festival Lehenga Sarees to stay on top of the trend. From beautiful florals and ravishing Georgettes to stunning silks, we have a wide range of festival Lehenga Sarees for you all to choose from.

How To Wear A Lehenga Saree

Around the world, Indian fashion (in this case, sarees) has served as a representation of grandeur, style, tradition, and majesty. We Indians have several religions, thus our clothing has a special meaning that symbolizes our culture, tradition, and geographical characteristics. Every location and culture has its own distinctive designs and patterns for the saree, which is known as the National Dress.

It may seem simple to put on a pair of trousers and any other type of outfit, but wearing a saree requires grace and poise. A saree communicates a feeling of modesty, stability, character, and humility. A saree represents a deity in Indian beliefs and culture, and any lady who wears one feels enlarged and proud. A saree encourages Indian women to value their culture, traditions, and core beliefs and to remain rooted in their heritage.

An Indian wedding celebration is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with new styles. You can experiment with different patterns, prints, cuts, and textures because the event is informal. Pleating is a part of lehenga-style saree draping. The quality of your drape will depend on how well you pleat a saree. The lehenga-type saree is wrapped around a skirt as opposed to the classic saree’s petticoat. It is a relaxed outfit that may be elegantly worn at any hour of the day or night. Priority should be given to selecting a lehenga saree for a wedding that fits the atmosphere. Every occasion has a specific tone, and your clothing should match that.

The Classic Drape

It is a very popular and simple style, yet it is still lovely. Take the end of the saree or lehenga dupatta and pleat it all the way down for this look. With the longer fabric in the front, fix the pleated portion with a pin on the left shoulder. Wrap your blouse and lehenga in the flowing end, bringing it from the front all the way to the back. At the midpoint of your waist, tuck it to the left.

The Casual Drape

If you want to show off your blouse’s beautiful cuts and delicate detailing, this approach to draping your saree is the best. Put one end of the dupatta around your left waist. Loosen it, and from behind, pull it onto your right shoulder. Allow it to dangle in front on the right and pin it to the shoulder.

The Bracelet Drape

This procedure is an adaptation of the informal drape. Take the shorter portion of the lehenga saree or dupatta and leave the larger portion behind. The longer portion should be formed into a single pleat, pulled onto the left side, and wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet. A pin should be used to fasten it. The cloth dangling in the front to the right can be pinned to the line of your blouse for a neater appearance.

The Hanging U Drape

For the ultimate diva look, wear this style. It’s a terrific approach to highlight the heavily embroidered dupatta while also showcasing the bare back. Place the lengthier portion of the dupatta behind and pleat one end to attach it to the left shoulder. Pin the dupatta’s front half on your right side at the waist.

Other Important Things To Carry With A Lehenga Saree

  • Nude makeup would look beautiful with delicate wristbands, platinum or pearl rings, and earrings if your dress has busy designs or complex workmanship.
  • The type of jewellery that will lend dimension to the clothing without going overboard is lighter jewellery like pearl or diamond studs, delicate bangles, and thin necklaces. You can wear them for a royal look.
  • Statement earrings like classic chandbalis, jhumkas, and ear cuffs, which look incredibly royal and instantly give your outfit oomph, are what you should be seeking when purchasing jewellery for a lehenga saree.
  • If you have healthy hair that has been blessed by the “great gods of locks,” play around with a few different braiding, bun, and even curl and wave styles. A side fishtail braid will look gorgeous with a mermaid lehenga.
  • Wear a contemporary, monochromatic lehenga saree without pleats to the cocktail party to pull off the elegant, slimming style while showcasing your slender A-line lehenga.
  • A lehenga saree in shades like navy blue, champagne, or Grey Saree would be considered a smart and elegant party outfit.

Buy Lehenga Sarees From Libaas Queen

Are you someone who loves to experiment with everything that is new in trend? Are you a bride-to-be and are on the lookout for a gorgeous alternative to the traditional Indian wedding Sarees? Want to ditch the boring party fits and try something new for the upcoming party season? Then why not try the modern Lehenga Saree and stay ahead of style?

We at Libaas Queen have introduced our exclusive range of Lehenga Sarees at an affordable rate to all our customers. Our wide range of Lehenga Sarees is just perfect to wear to different occasions. From beautiful pastel-shaded Lehenga Sarees perfect for an engagement to an all-blingy drape to set the stage on fire on your big day, we at Libaas Queen have got your back. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website today and get your hands on this beautiful trendy ethnic fit and transform yourself into a fashionista with us at Libaas Queen.

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Since 2016

Libaas Queen has been in this industry since 2016. Our years of knowledge and expertise in this field have helped us earn your valuable trust. We have established ourselves as the most preferred shopping site for ethnic wear. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website today and shop your heart out for our trusted brand.

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Shop from the wide range of beautiful Lehenga Sarees from us at Libaas Queen online and experience online shopping like never before. We provide hassle-free shopping to all our customers at no extra cost to you.


To ensure easy access to all our valuable customers, we at Libaas Queen have brought to you the best quality Lehenga Sarees at a very affordable rate. Go to our website today and shop your hearts out for our affordable range of Lehenga Sarees.

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Libaas Queen offers COD to all our customers all over India. Apart from the option of online payment, you can now choose the cash-on-delivery option for all your ordered products!

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We at Libaas Queen provide express shipping across India to deliver your ordered products fast to your door. If you want the delivery of your products within a few hours of order, our express shipping policy is here to solve your woes.

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We at Libaas Queen provide free shipping and delivery of all our products pan India. Shop from Libaas Queen today without any hidden charges or extra costs.

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What are you waiting for? Head over to our online store today and get your hands on our exclusive collection of Lehenga Sarees to create your perfect dream outfit at a very reasonable rate. Happy shopping!

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