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Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.
Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.
Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.
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Original price was: ₹5,625.Current price is: ₹2,250.
Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.
Original price was: ₹4,988.Current price is: ₹1,995.
Original price was: ₹5,375.Current price is: ₹2,150.
Original price was: ₹4,488.Current price is: ₹1,795.
Original price was: ₹5,625.Current price is: ₹2,250.

Buy Indian Gowns Online at Libaas Queen

Introduced by the Egyptians and forwarded by Europeans, the Gowns were made a symbol of status. Looking back into history, we could find that the woman chose these gorgeous Gowns over any other outfit to embrace herself in the event. The attire was slowly moved from formal events to ball parties, giving it the name of ball gowns. Due to its popularity, they moved to India making its existence in every womenโ€™s wardrobe till now.

The sky is the limit with these beautiful outfits thus making them loved by Indian women. The scope for experimentation and innovation with these beautiful gowns takes to certain alterations and gives it the name of Indian gowns. Today, we can see a plethora of renditions of these Indian gowns in the form of layered patterns, Indian gowns with long sleeves, Indian gowns with organza flared skirts and many more.

The new-age designers are working day and night to give an ethnic look to this modern fit! Indian gowns are available in different lightweight fabrics such as cotton and organza to fit into the traditional fashion scenario. In terms of the colour palette too, Indian gowns have seen huge shifts. Besides the age-old shades of red and blue, pastel shades such as muted pinks, powder blue, pale green and mauves have also been in trend.

The Rising Trend And Demand For Indian Gowns

With the recent transitions in the fashion of Indian women, the clothing preferences of Indian women have also changed. Gone are the days when Indian gowns were meant to be a part of weddings and night Events.

These days, with new innovations in this beautiful attire, Indian gowns have made their way to casual events as well. From office parties to engagement nights and weddings to dine-outs, Indian gowns have recently been in Vogue!

Gone are the days when Indian gowns were only popular among the Royals as a heavily status-symbol outfit perfect to be worn at Royal events. These days, gorgeous Indian gowns have made their way to birthday parties and receptions as well as weddings and mehendi events!

Our Range Of Indian Gowns

Available in different shades and a variety of detailing and designs, Indian gowns have the power to recast the ordinary into the extraordinary. From elegant floral designs and simple digital prints to threadwork and patchwork and zari detailings with embroidery work and sequin detailing, the Indian gowns are a must-have in your wardrobe to make you stand out from the crowd at the party.

Moreover, our new range of Indian gowns has different colour options and styling options as well! From trendy designer Indian gowns and soft floral printed Indian gowns to heavily embroidered Indian gowns, we at Libaas Queen have it all. From beautiful Gota patti work to organza Indian gowns in ruffles, and Bandhani printed Indian gowns, now you can get access to a variety of Indian gowns from us at Libaas Queen at a reasonable price.

Fit & Flare Indian Gowns

When you are choosing to go to one of the contemporary parties, you can deliberately wear something which has an Indian taste. The fit and flare Indian gowns are extremely gorgeous and have a strange but beautiful sense of elegance. These gowns are fitted very close to the body and the curves are accentuated to make the wearer feel like a complete diva!

A-LINE Indian Gowns

Fitting clothes in order to meet your standards might be a bit tough if you do not have A-line Indian gowns in your wardrobe. The A-line gowns are sometimes split in the lower section which makes the wearer look beautiful. These gowns are available in various colours and there is no way in which you will be disappointed with the fabric as well!

Maxi Indian Gowns

Are you interested in the deep neck maxi Indian gowns which will cling to your curves and provide a certain beauty to the shape of your body? The maxi Indian gowns are always the favourite of women because these have been worn by several actresses from the older times, still carrying out the legacy in the present. The maxi Indian gowns have their own place in the wardrobe which cannot be claimed by anyone else.

Mermaid Indian Gowns

If you are looking for Indian gowns, it will be the best choice to look for the Mermaid Indian gowns. These gowns are cinched at the waist and flared at the bottom. These gowns are completely spread out at the bottom which allows the waistline of the women to be absolutely clear and in its true form. The mermaid Indian gowns are made of heavy material and these are paired with flat shoes to keep the dress in limelight.

Sheath Indian Gowns

Sheathed Indian gowns are often made from a single sheath of fabric which is extremely rich and royal. These sheaths are brought down on the tailor’s table and they are weaved in patterns for making the Indian gowns. The sheathed Indian gowns are extremely pretty and they come in shades of baby blue or pink! They are great for gender reveal parties and these gowns can be paired with pretty silver jewellery to make sure that you are like a shining jewel!

Long Indian Gowns

Gowns should always reach the floor. The beauty of the gowns is about the effect of them sweeping off the views. The long Indian gowns are made out of fabrics which are way more attractive than the ones which are used to make Western gowns. These long gowns are the marks of Indian beauty and these can be used at numerous parties to look like a queen!

Organza Indian Gowns

Indian gowns can be made with different types of materials. These gowns are the mark of the true weavers of India who are able to mix the beauty of Indian clothes with Western ones. The organza Indian gowns are often considered to be the finest works in terms of weaving. These gowns are made for party wear and they cannot be replaced by any other design as well!

Silk Indian Gowns

Silk is the most readily available form of flowy material that you would ever get. The silk Indian gowns represent the feminine beauty of Indian women and celebrate their femininity. These silk Indian gowns can be worn at any wedding party and they must be paired with dazzling stilettos. Silk gowns are extremely in fashion at the moment and you should never miss out on having this in your wardrobe.

Georgette Indian Gowns

The popularity of georgette Indian gowns has come up in the trend only recently. This is because Indian Fashionistas have recognised that georgette is one of the materials which can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Combining both of these features to design a great gown is something which should never be missing from your wardrobe!

Classic Black Indian Gowns

Some colours never go out of fashion because they are representative of the timelessness of a certain fashion sense. One such colour is black. The black colour is one of the hues which has a strong chic aesthetic appeal. These classic black Indian gowns can be worn with glamour or with mourning. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have this in your closet!

Designer Indian Gowns

Designer Indian gowns have recently come into the market. These are perfect attires to be worn at any of the wedding parties that you want! These designer gowns are often made from rich and luxurious material which is often found only in India. The designer Indian gowns are made with extreme care and precision which brings a wholesome beauty to the wearer.

Anarkali Indian Gowns

Thinking of going to the next party as a diva? Well, the best thing that you can do other than decking yourself up is to choose a great Anarkali Indian gown this time! You can be quite sure that these gowns will never disappoint your expectations. These are made out of rich and strong fabric which can flow effortlessly! The Anarkali Indian gowns are always made according to the contour of the wearer’s body. These can be fitted snugly and nothing can be better than the choice of an Anarkali Indian gown when you have to go to a party with ethnic wear!

Net layered Indian Gowns

Layers and layers of the net can be a great way to add the required weight to your gown! You can twirl in front of your mirror and feel like a complete diva when the nets seem to catch the light! The net layered Indian gowns are turning out to be quite trendy because they can be handled quite easily without any kind of hassle. Pair these with diamond earrings to have the best effect!

Indian Gowns With Floral Prints

Indian gowns with floral prints are considered to be the absolute best in the wardrobe because they can be worn on any occasion. These gowns are light and pretty. Combining them with the right colours and accessories will definitely make sure that you are the prettiest person in the room!

Trumpet Indian Gowns

Trumpet Indian gowns are gowns which are flared at the bottom from the thighs. It is one of the most gorgeous styles of gowns which can ever be found and it can be a perfect attire for parties. One can see that wearing these gowns at the party, that too in Indian fabric is definitely one of the best dress choices that you can make!

We Have Indian Gowns For All Occasions

Irrespective of body type and age, our Indian gowns can complement anyone. No matter if you have a rectangular body type, a pear-shaped body or an hourglass body, there are different types of Indian gowns for every occasion and body type.

We at Libaas Queen have presented our all-new collection of Indian gowns that can be paired well for any occasion. From wedding wear and engagement outfit to reception parties, mehendis and other festivals, an Indian gown can go well with any occasion.

Party-Wear Indian Gowns

If you also want to stand out from the crowd this party season, choose from our wide collection of Indian gowns for parties and get ready to receive lovely compliments. You can either go with a simple organza Indian gown or can even go for a beautiful combination of Georgettes and ruffles to complete your flawless Indian gown look!

Engagement And Mehendi Indian Gowns

Who said an engagement outfit should always comprise a Lehenga choli or a saree? Modern brides are opting for Indian gowns to complement their engagement as well as the mehendi look. Now you can also choose from our wide range of Indian gowns for engagement and mehendis and style it your way to look like a Diva!

Wedding Indian Gowns

We have an exclusive collection of wedding Indian gowns which can be a perfect complement to your overall bridal trousseau. From gorgeous shades in alluring maroons, pink and fiery red to the new trendy pastels such as pastas, baby pinks and neons, you can now choose from a variety of options.ย  If you are also a bride-to-be and looking for that dream outfit to style on your special day, we at Libaas Queen have you sorted with our beautiful wedding Indian gowns.

Festival Indian Gowns

Indian festivals are incomplete without a splash of bold colour. This festival season, style yourself in a beautiful Festival Indian gown in bold colours to look all graceful and ethereal. Shop from our wide range of festival Indian gowns in different designs and styles to look like a dream this festival season.

Accessories You Can Wear With Your Wedding Gown

When you get married, there are so many things to consider. How do you want your hair and makeup? What kind of dress do you want to wear? And what accessories will go with it? In this section, we’ll cover all these questions and more so that when the time comes to choose an accessory for your wedding gown, you’ll know exactly what options are available!

Earrings: Earrings are the perfect way to accessorize your look. They can complement your dress, or they can stand out on their own. The right pair of earrings will give your outfit a little extra pizzazz, while the wrong ones will distract from it and make you look like you’re trying too hard.

You don’t have to wear plain ol’ studs; there are plenty of other options available! You could go with statement earrings that draw attention away from the rest of your ensemble (think: big giant hoops) or opt for something more subtle–like thin chains–that still add punch without overpowering everything else going on around them.

Crown: Crowns are a traditional accessory for the bride, and many brides choose to wear them as part of their wedding day ensemble. They can be made from a variety of materials, including gold and silver, but they will always have an arch that matches your dress’s design. Crowns can also be made to match your wedding theme–so if you’re looking for something more modern than classic but still want a crown on your head during photos or when walking down the aisle, you might consider purchasing one online.
It’s important to remember that crowns should only be chosen by those who know what size fits best for their face shape and hair type (for example: If someone has longer than average hair length then it would make sense for them not only buy an adjustable strap because otherwise there wouldn’t be enough room around their neck).

Hair Pins: Hair pins are used to hold up your hair. They come in different shapes and sizes, but most of the time they’re made of plastic. You can also use them as ornaments on top of your head for a little extra colour. Hairpins made out of metal are very shiny and elegant. You can use them too.

Garter: Garter is a band of fabric, lace or elastic worn around the thigh to hold up stockings. Garters are usually worn by women but can be worn by men as well. They are often decorated with lace and ribbons in different colours and styles.
Garters come in many different materials including satin, lace or elastic depending on what style you’re going for. The garter will make your legs look longer when wearing stockings so it’s important that you pick out one that looks good with your dress!

Heels: Heels are a must-have accessory for your wedding day and should be chosen carefully. Comfort is paramount when it comes to shoes. After all, every bride wants to feel comfortable walking in them during her ceremony or reception.

Bracelet: A bracelet is a good accessory to wear with your wedding gown. Bracelets can be worn on both arms, and they can be made of gold, silver or any other material. You can choose the one that has plain or intricate designs on them (like flowers). A simple bracelet is also perfect for an elegant look that won’t draw attention away from your dress’s beautiful design and fabric.

Necklace: A necklace is a great way to add some sparkle and style to your wedding dress. There are so many different kinds of necklaces out there that you can choose from, but here are some of our favourites:

  • A simple chain will work well with any type of gown. We recommend using jewellery that matches the colours of your dress or has similar shades (like gold).
  • If you’re looking for something more statement-y and unique, then go for statement necklaces like Austrian crystals and Swarovski crystals! These types of jewellery pieces are nearly impossible not to notice when they’re worn with an elegant black gown like ours!
  • You can also choose between long chains or short chains depending on what feels right for you personally. Long chains tend to drape better over shoulders while shorter ones tend to noticeably reach further down throats while still making their presence known through sheer length alone.

Veil: The veil is a traditional part of the wedding dress and can be made from a variety of materials, depending on what your wedding theme is. You may want to wear a simple veil for your ceremony, but if you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summertime (or even if it’s just really hot!) then maybe you’ll want an ornate one instead.

Veils can be worn during both ceremonies and receptions; they can be short or long! The length depends on how much time there is between the end of the ceremony and when you get together with friends/family at dinner time. If there are many hours before dinner then shorter veils might work better because they won’t drag behind while walking down the aisle and around tables during dinner time itself (which would look awkward).

Anklet: Ankle bracelets are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit and make it more interesting. You can wear an ankle bracelet with any type of dress, from formal to casual. They’re also perfect for bridesmaids and prom dresses. Here are some ideas:

  • Ankle Bracelet in Gold/Silver/Black: This style comes in gold or silver plated metal with small crystals on each side for added sparkle. It’s available in sizes 6 – 8 inches long (15-20 cm), so it fits most women!
  • Ankle Bracelet with Crystal Pendant: These come in gold or silver plated metal and include a crystal pendant that gives off light when you move around during the day (or night). These are great options if you want something more unique than just plain old bangles!
  • Crystal Accent Anklet Bracelet: This kind includes silver beaded chains that wrap around your leg like an anklet but don’t hold up as well because they’re made out of cheap plastic instead of metal; however these still look pretty cute under skirts if worn right next to them too!

Buy Indian Gowns From Libaas Queen

We at Libaas Queen have brought to our customers a wide range of beautiful Indian gowns to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming wedding and festive season. Perfect for different age groups and body shapes, these beautiful Indian gowns are enough to transform you into a beautiful Diva full of style and glam.

These stylish Indian gowns can be worn at morning as well as night events with a few adaptations in accessories and styles. Complete your morning look by pairing Indian gowns with minimal makeup and statement earrings to look extremely gorgeous yet elegant! For an excellent night look, combine your Indian gowns with detailings to add the perfect hint of glam! Choose a flawless base with oversized earrings and glittery eye makeup. Wear long earrings and ditch the necklace to look drop-dead gorgeous.

At Libaas Queen, shop from the exclusive range of Indian gowns for the upcoming wedding season and serve the hottest style goals. Shop from our premium quality Indian gowns this season and get ready to look like a Royal woman!

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Indian Gowns?


Libaas Queen has been in this industry for more than 7 years. Our years of knowledge and expertise have helped us to establish ourselves as the most preferred platform for shopping Indian gowns.


We offer premium quality Indian gowns at a very affordable price. So, with Libaas Queen, you can shop happily from our online store without having to worry about burning a big hole in your pocket.

Premium Quality

We at Libaas Queen are known for our premium range of Indian gowns. Our huge collection of Indian gowns is designed with premium quality fabrics that do not aggravate any skin discomfort.

Free Shipping And Delivery All Over India

We at Libaas Queen offer free shipping and delivery all over India. With us, you do not need to pay extra while shopping for your favourite Indian gowns. Shop from our collection of Indian gowns without having to worry about shipping and delivery.

COD Available

We have a COD option available for our clients. Apart from the option of online payment, you can now choose the cash-on-delivery option for all your ordered products, as it is the easiest form of transaction.

Express Shipping

We at Libaas Queen provide express shipping pan India to make your products reach you faster! If you want delivery of your Indian gown to be delivered within a few hours of order, our express shipping policy is here to help you!

Book Your Indian Gown From Libaas Queen

Want to avoid the hassle of hopping from one offline store to another? Want the best of the Indian fashion industry from the comfort of your home? What are you waiting for? Head over to Libaas Queen website today and shop your heart out!

Choose from our wide range of Indian gowns collection that is perfect for each and every event.