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Buy Stylish Dola Silk Sarees Online at Libaas Queen

At Libaas Queen, we pride ourselves on being a high-end online store that offers genuine, credible and stylish fashion statements that celebrate India’s ethnic tradition. When it comes to the sarees we deal in, you’d be surprised at the variety we have to offer. We have the best Dola Silk Saree available for every fashion need, irrespective of the occasion or the event. In order to increase the appeal of our products, we carefully curate the best ethnic designs.

With affordable and modest rates, our dola silk saree price range proves that it’s a must-have for every Indian woman. With our pure dola silk saree, you will exude allure and confidence.  Sarees have historically been thought of as an eye-catching style of clothing. Libaas Queen is the best online store to visit if you want to stay updated with fashion trends while paying homage to your cultural heritage.

We, at Libaas Queen, are dola silk saree manufacturers. We ensure that our products, especially our dola silk saree designs, have undergone the highest quality control measures, beyond industry standards. At Libaas Queen, you can purchase dola silk saree for girls without having to worry about the headaches of online shopping,  because we offer accessibility, affordability and prioritise comfort.

What are you waiting for? Purchase dola silk saree online from Libaas Queen. We provide sarees in a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics in addition to our dola silk saree collection.

Range Of Dola Silk Sarees Collection

Our dola silk saree collection is rich, luxurious and has plenty of variety. The premium-grade hand-curated selection of dola silk sarees available at Libaas Queen is listed below.

Kalamkari Dola Silk Saree

On pure silk, Kalamkari Silk Sarees are entirely hand-drawn and hand-painted with organic colours. The designs are stunning and marvellous.  You can purchase Kalamkari Dola Silk Saree from Libaas Queen for a reasonable price. It combines accessibility and attractiveness. What else is there to ask for?

Orange Dola Silk Saree

Orange is a colour representative of passion and fire. It also exudes simplicity and comfort. It’s fashionable and modest. Combining orange with a dola silk saree is getting the best of both worlds. Libaas Queen’s range of orange dola silk saree is sure to capture the eyes of many. With beautiful designs to choose from, the colour orange truly elevates a dola silk saree.

Pink Dola Silk Saree

Pink is the colour of familiarity, femininity and innocence. At the same time, it is considered playful and romantic. Hence, with the versatile colour of pink when combined with a dola silk saree, you get a combination that’s ethereal and heavenly to look at. Libaas Queen’s pink dola silk saree is drop-dead gorgeous.

Yellow Dola Silk Saree

The subtle sheerness of this dola silk fabric is renowned for its appropriate level of elegance. When combined with the colour yellow, you have a saree that is joyful, mellow and fun to wear. The yellow dola silk saree is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The yellow dola silk saree by Libaas Queen will be your ultimate traditional fashion statement in a world where fashion trends are constantly shifting. 

Green Dola Silk Saree

Green represents tranquillity and comfort. It provides refreshment to the eyes and has a natural look and feel. The colour green in a slightly sheer dola silk saree is majestic and trendy. It’s luxurious and opulent. Hence, our range of green dola silk saree is sure to enamour many.

Purple Dola Silk Saree

Purple is a powerful colour. It is mysterious and exudes royalty. It is extravagant, creative and encouraging. A pleasant colour to look at, a purple dola silk saree is a must-buy. It is a staple fashion piece. Your wardrobe should have at least one purple dola silk saree. At Libaas Queen, we make some of the most beautiful purple dola silk sarees.

Cream Dola Silk Saree

The colour cream is contemporary, pleasant, and stylish. Our range of cream dola silk saree is exquisite, wonderful and ethereal. Libaas Queen’s range is quite versatile and the inclusion of the cream colour is proof of that.

Black Dola Silk Saree

Power, refinement, and formality are all associated with the colour black. The fabric of dola silk, when paired up with the mysterious black, is sure to be an attention grabber on all occasions. You can purchase black dola silk sarees from Libaas Queen at the most affordable rates.

Magenta Dola Silk Saree

Magenta is a warm, vivid hue. The emotions of kindness, empathy, and love are sparked by it. Our beautiful and feminine magenta dola silk sarees are a staple fashion piece. They are ostentatious and stylish.

Red Dola Silk Saree

Red represents power and ambition. It’s the colour of passion. It’s an energetic, sensual and lively colour. Combined with the sheer beauty of dola silk fabric, the red dola silk saree by Libaas Queen is sure to exude enticing allure and sophistication.

Dola Silk Combination Saree

You can buy an exquisite collection of Dola Silk Saree Combination Saree at Libaas Queen. Mixing and matching colours together is how you bring a playful rhythm into ethnic fashion. Libaas Queen empathises with the cause and actively promotes combination pieces to truly elevate your style.

Dola Silk Designer Saree

When it comes to our designer sarees, we make sure they undergo the strictest quality standards. The same goes for our dola silk designer saree. We actively dabble in dola silk designer saree in addition to basic, and simple dola silk sarees. We think that a broad sense of fashion ought to accommodate both ends of its spectrum. It should be straightforward yet lavish. Our opulent selection of designer dola silk sarees will undoubtedly become your favourites. There are many designs available to choose from.

Dola Silk Bridal Saree

Libaas Queen’s dola silk bridal saree is sure to turn heads on your big day in the nicest way imaginable. Dola silk is a fabric that will definitely enrich your wedding day. It is a lovely, wonderful fabric, and Libaas Queen has made it accessible in a variety of patterns, designs, shades and hues.

Dola Silk Saree with Golden Blouse

You may make a lovely, straightforward dola silk saree stand out by wearing a golden blouse with it. Even a saree made of dola silk can be improved with an exquisite and luxurious golden blouse. A stylish dola silk saree becomes 10 times more appealing and pleasant with the addition of a golden flair. At Libaas Queen, you can make an easy purchase of a dola silk saree with a golden blouse.

Dola Silk Saree with Golden Border

As mentioned, golden is a zesty addition to any simple dola silk saree. When combined with a golden border, a dola silk saree’s intrinsic beauty is enhanced and accentuated. You can buy Libaas Queen’s hand-curated collection of dola silk saree with a golden border.

Dola Silk Saree with Contrast Blouse

Dola silk sarees look their finest when worn with a blouse that offers some lavish and stylish colour contrast. You could have the nicest outfit in the room if you pull it off correctly. Therefore, you may mix it up and choose contrast-coloured blouses to best fit your dola silk saree. All thanks to Libaas Queen’s assortment of dola silk sarees and a diversity of colourful blouses. Our dola silk saree with contrast blouse is a must-try.

Dola Silk Saree with Black Border

Black is versatile. Compared with any colour of a dola silk saree, a black border is a staple trend in most designs. It’s chic and classy. It provides a nice contrast. Libaas Queen’s dola silk saree with black border is intricate, exquisite and unique. 

Dola Silk Saree with Pink Blouse

Pink is a colour of feminine rejoicing. It is romantic and vibrant and attracts the eyes of many. When paired up with a dola silk saree, a pink blouse elevates the existence of the former. Together, they formulate a harmonious coexistence that is beautiful, trendy, viable and pretty. Libaas Queen’s range of dola silk saree with the pink blouse is a certified must-buy.

Simple Dola Silk Saree

Sometimes, less is more. Going back to the basics is often at times more beneficial than choosing to stand out with something extravagant. Our range of simple dola silk saree makes sure to go back to the basics while keeping up with current trends. It is a staple piece and a must-have in every closet.

Contrast Colour for Dola Silk Saree

We provide a wide range of colour combinations when it comes to our dola silk saree. Libaas Queen’s range of contrasting colours for dola silk saree provides a stark basis of colour comparison which is quite stylish, contemporary and trendy. Dola silk saree colours like black, yellow, red, and magenta provide a wonderful contrast when paired up with a different coloured and designed blouse.

Care Tips For Dola Silk Sarees

Be gentle

A dola silk saree is a soft, delicate fabric. Make sure you’re gentle in approach when you’re trying to clean it. 

Immaculate care

Dola silk can be a sturdy material provided you take care of it with utmost diligence. 

Dry Cleaning is your best friend

Always opt for dry cleaning if you wish to retain the exquisite nature of your dola silk saree. 

Do not twist

Ensure that you’re not wringing the material. It is delicate and is prone to damage if you twist it. 

Ensure medium ironing heat

Make sure that if you need to iron your dola silk saree, you do it at a moderate temperature as direct contact and a high temperature ought to ruin the fabric easily.  

Storage Requirements

The silk saree needs to be kept in a cool and dry location for storage.

Dola Silk Sarees For Different Occasions Available 

Our dola silk sarees from Libaas Queen are made to be worn at various occasions and events. Following is where you can make use of dola silk sarees. 

Engagement or Ring Ceremony

Want a contemporary, and stylish saree design for an engagement or ring ceremony? Libaas Queen is a reliable online store and a great source for all your ethnic fashion needs. You can wear one of our many dola silk saree alternatives to any engagement ceremony to look stunning and draw attention to yourself. At Libaas Queen, modesty coexists with stylistic flair.


The assortment of dola silk bridal saree at Libaas Queen is stunningly simple and elegant. Dola silk sarees are thought to be the most lavish clothing suitable for a wedding ceremony. Dola silk is a classy fabric that can make a fantastic and exceptional fashion choice when worn to a wedding. At Libaas Queen, make an easy purchase of dola silk sarees for occasions as special as a wedding.


Is your farewell coming up shortly? Have nothing in mind that you could wear at the farewell? You don’t need to be concerned as Libaas Queen is recognised for its superb collection of classic dola silk sarees. In addition to being fashionable and stylish, these dola silk sarees exude allure, ease, confidence, simplicity and professionalism.

Party Wear 

Libaas Queen’s range of party wear dola silk saree is a must-have for any get-togethers, birthday parties, or a simple gathering of friends. When you wear the dashing and magnificent assortment of our glittery and glamorous dola silk sarees with some of the most exquisite designs, people will undoubtedly turn to look at you. Be the attention grabber at every patty with Libaas Queen’s dola silk sarees. 

Festive Wear

Are you well prepared and stocked up on festive attire in anticipation of the forthcoming festive season? If not, we have you covered. At Libaas Queen, you may get lovely dola silk sarees in a variety of colours that are appropriate and beautiful for all occasions, particularly Indian festivities!

How To Choose Jewellery For Dola Silk Sarees? 


Ensure that your jewellery is best fitted and in accordance with the colour of dola silk you’re wearing. For example, a blue coloured dola silk saree will provide an ethereal look when combined with a sapphire jewellery set. 

Similarly, if you’re opting for a yellow or orange dola silk saree, golden jewellery is your best friend. It is opulent and luxurious and gives off a majestic flair to otherwise simple ethnic wear. 

The blouse design

Depending on the blouse design, you can opt for various jewellery types. For example, with a deep neck blouse paired up with a serene dola saree, you might wish to opt for choker jewellery sets. On the other hand, with a simple, boat neck blouse, you can opt for any ordinary necklace set. It’s all about coordination. 


The most versatile sort of jewellery is made of pearls. They are perfect for a range of occasions, including formal and festive ones, and go well with all saree materials, especially dola silk sarees. A pearl necklace would elegantly complement your dola silk saree.

Silver Jewellery

A key element of Indian cultural clothing is silver jewellery, which includes nose rings, armlets, hefty kadas, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Silver jewellery will give you a stunning appearance when paired with one of Libaas Queen’s sophisticated dola silk sarees.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Wearing Dola Silk Sarees

Following are some tips to follow while wearing a dola silk saree by Libaas Queen: 

Be Careful With The Fabric

As mentioned, the fabric of dola silk is delicate and must not be subjected to wringing. It should be folded properly and dry cleaning is a safer option for its long-time maintenance. 


Accessorising is a fun and engaging activity. It also contributes to the individuality of each ethnic outfit. With the aid of pins, watches, belts, handbags, coats, scarves, and other accessories, a dola silk saree is given a contemporary makeover. 

Fitted Blouse

When wearing a dola silk saree, be careful to wear a suitable blouse. Dola silk sarees may appear either fantastic and ethereal or not in line with the fashion statement you were initially aiming for. It all depends on the type, colour, and pattern of blouse you select. Any saree looks good with a proper, form-fitting blouse because it creates a more appealing silhouette.

Why Choose Libaas Queen To Buy Dola Silk Sarees?

Easy Online Shopping

Libaas Queen provides a fantastic, practical, and straightforward online buying solution. Our sarees are offered online at great, reasonable, and economical prices. As a result, Libaas Queen only emphasises availability, affordability, and low costs. Libaas Queen is a company that specialises in simple categorization and customer service that extends well beyond the delivery of the product.

Price (1795 to 2250)

Are you trying to find a lovely dola silk saree at a reasonable price? Libaas Queen has selected and created a range of high-quality, reasonably priced sarees. We provide premium fabric sarees at the lowest prices ever seen, ranging from ₹1795 to ₹2250, in a versatile and diverse range of fabrics, hues, and colours.

Free Shipping and Delivery all over India

In addition to providing premium products at modest costs, we also provide free shipping across the entire country of India. Thanks to Libaas Queen, every Indian woman has the opportunity to express herself via our chic selection of dola silk sarees. We at Libaas Queen firmly believe in offering our services nationwide and making convenient access to all our customers. 

COD Available

Libaas Queen ensures the availability of Cash On Delivery as it is the most accessible and easier way of purchasing. 

Express Shipping

Do you require prompt delivery of your purchases? You’d be thrilled to learn that in addition to ordinary, standard shipping, we also provide Express Shipping. By decreasing the amount of time it takes for our products to be shipped out, we make sure that customers with strict deadlines can order their desired dola silk sarees.

We are in the market since 2016

With significant experience in the industry, Libaas Queen is able to comprehend the needs of its devoted customers, whose preferences we fully and honestly respect. 

Since 2016, Libaas Queen and its extraordinary team of fashion professionals have worked tirelessly and day and night to make sure that our customers can buy the most versatile, best, trendy sarees currently available in the market. Since we began doing business in 2016, Libaas Queen has been a great resource for all of our clients’ ethnic-wear requirements.

Book Dola Silk Sarees From Libaas Queen 

In addition to its stunning selection of dola silk sarees, Libaas Queen is renowned for its broad variety of ethnic clothing, which includes lehengas, pant sarees, kurtas, and other chic ethnic items. When it comes to dola silk saree online shopping, Libaas Queen is your ultimate one-stop destination. You’d be happy to order your dola silk sarees from Libaas Queen right away due to our user-friendly features and excellent collection of ethnic clothing! Libaas Queen offers excellent customer service and takes care of all your ethnic fashion requirements.

Put a full stop to your wait and book a dola silk saree from Libaas Queen right away! 

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